Lieutenant Nneka Achebe





Psychology, Sociology, Diplomacy, Singing, Federation Standard, Ibo


Born in the Nigeria region on Earth, to a group of anti-technologists who chose to return to a 'simpler' life. Nneka never felt she belonged, for she longed for the adventure of the stars.

She ran away from home at 15. She made it to San Francisco, home of Starfleet Academy and a multitude of aliens. She made her living by singing at some of the hang-outs that were popular with the cadets at the Academy.

She ran through a number of lovers, all of them Starfleet, many of them non-humans, for she had a fascination with the other races. But she suffered from much loneliness and it was probably not entirely accident when she got pregnant.

For 9 months, she dreamed of the devoted love that her baby would have for her. She named her son Vidar after the most likely father, a human cadet named Jan Vidar, who had graduated and been assigned long before the birth of the boy.

After the birth, reality set in. Nneka had to grow up quickly, and grow up she did. She realised that she could offer her son no real life as a singer and decided that if she were ever to achieve life in the stars, she had to start now. She worked and studied, and took the Academy entrance exam. And barely passed.

She moonlighted as a singer while attending the Academy, to make ends meet. Between her job and her duties as a single mother, she couldn't compete with her classmates' rigourous studies. She made passing grades, but they were not impressive. Nonetheless, many of her instructors recognised her passion and devotion and her records contain many notations that while her grade was not impressive, she showed great understanding of the material.

In her third year, she met Alver Pal, a Betazoid fellow cadet. The two fell in love and married-- a contract marriage. While he got stationed on a ship, she got assigned to SSE1 on the recommendation of several of her instructors. The station was the ideal place to raise a family. Shortly before her graduation, she got pregnant again. She gave birth to Thario Pal while on SSE1.

She and Alver drifted apart and when the contract came up to renew, they chose not to. They are still amicable.

She has served in SSE1 since and has counselled many of the big names in Starfleet, as well as small. Her name also appears on many psychological evaluations.


She is a very physical person and believes, almost religiously, in the value of hugs.