Lieutenant Commander Takashi Oyuki, MD

Name: Takashi, Oyuki

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Physical description:

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Ht: 5'
Wt: 95 lbs.
Skin: Light gold
Eyes: Dark brown, almond-shaped
Hair: Black, straight, waist-length, worn loose
Age: 29


Human and alien medicine, psychology, biology, xenobiology, Federation Standard, Japanese, Vulcan

Special abilities: None.


Oyuki was born on Mars to Takashi Madoka. Her father was an anonymous sperm donor. Her mother was a planetary geologist. When Oyuki was four, her mother took a professorship at the Vulcan Academy of Science, taking Oyuki with her to Vulcan. Madoka was killed six months later in a freak accident on a field study.

As Madoka had no kin, her very good friend and associate, Sellet, was left with custody of Oyuki.

The human girl was raised on Vulcan.

She never completely mastered the Vulcan emotionlessness, but can do a very good job of it if need be.

She entered college at 16, majoring in pre-med bio at the same school her mother had taught at, and obtained her degree in three years.

Sellet encouraged her to learn more of her human nature, so she entered Starfleet Academy, obtaining her MD at the age of 23.

She served her internship and residency at New Tokyo General on Mars, finishing at 26.

She has served aboard the USS Dvorak for the last 3 years.


She is less emotional than most humans. Generally, the more stressful the situation, the more her emotions disappear.