Tr'etram and Koroth

Age: 35
Height: 5'11"
Wt: 180 lb.
Hair: Dark, red-brown, wavy, shoulder-length
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Left, grey; right, green
Other: Surgery scar on right side of head over ear. Scars on wrists. Extremely handsome.

Dragon: Koroth, Navy blue with cream and yellow streaks.

Tr'etram was born Trannetram. He was the son of a slave woman and her master, a minor knight. His mother died when he was 12, his father when he was 13. His master's wife, who had always resented him, sold him to a potter for a pittance.

When he was 14, a searcher for Telnor spotted him at a market and took him back to Telnor to stand at the hatching. The searcher's name was B'larin, uncle to Ophelia.

Tr'etram didn't join at that first hatching, but Ophelia did. B'larin took Trey into his home. Over the course of the next four years, he became good friends with Ophelia. She was a tomboy, and she and Trey frequently hiked, climbed, swam, and fought with each other. They both developed feelings for each other that remained unnamed and unspoken since he had not joined.

At 18, he finally found his match in Koroth, a dark navy blue dragon with streaks of cream and yellow. A week after the hatching, he and Ophelia finally had an opportunity to see each other. They went hiking and there in the forest, they admitted their feelings for each other and consummated their love.

B'larin was delighted when his niece and Trey moved in together.

Trey had adjusted well to warren ways. Dragons other than Koroth won Ophelia's Beryth. Koroth won other flights. But Trey and Ophelia were happily devoted to each other. His calmness tempered her impetuosity. He seemed to easily find the middle ground between being empathetic to her frustrations that she couldn't fly into combat without further exacerbating or encouraging them.

A couple of years after moving in together, they had a daughter, Laria. A son, B'rin, followed 18 months later. Another son, Ph'let, was born three years later.

Shortly after B'rin's birth, Trey gained the position of Wingleader. Shortly after Ph'let's birth, the former Warrenlady retired, leaving Ophelia as the warrenlady for Telnor.

The man who was born as slave and had achieved so much in such a short time, including taming Ophelia of Telnor, was well-liked and respected within Telnor and among the more general dragonfolk populace. Then, suddenly, all that changed.

Six months ago, Tr'etram began suffering headaches, then odd memory lapses and sudden outbursts of profanity. He started getting less patient, more violent, angrier. It became harder and harder for him to keep him impulses in check.

He started yelling at Ophelia and his children. He hit one of his riders,and another, and another, until soon they stood an arm's length from him. He had an affair with his Wingsecond. By the time of the first council of warrens, he and Ophelia were maintaining the relationship for their children's sake and putting on a front in public.

Then, a month and a half ago, Trey did the unthinkable. One day while his mate sat with her dragon in the hatching cavern, watching over her clutch,and his sons studied, he returned to the family apartment to find his15-year-old daughter alone, trying on a new dress. Something snapped inside him. Laria, in her first bloom of womanhood, lost her virginity to a father holding a knife at her throat.

For a week, Trey went blithely along as Laria withdrew further and further. Then he came suddenly to his senses. He travelled deep into the warren's twisting passageways, far from the inhabited sections. He wrote Laria a note apologising for what he had done, then settled onto the floor and, with the knife he'd held to his daughter's throat, slit his wrists.

Following Koroth's panicked guidance, Ophelia and a Telnor healer got to him in the nick of time. The note apologising to Laria mystified Ophelia. While the healer settled Trey at the Medical Center, she confronted her daughter. Laria haltingly told her mother the truth.

After holding her daughter while they both cried, Ophelia went to the Medical Center and took one last look at the man who had once been her true love, her best friend, and the father of her children. She then told the story to the healer and instructed him that she didn't want to see Trey anymore, or she might not be able to keep from killing him.

The healer, R'chein by name, was both horrified and mystified. What had happened to Tr'etram to cause such a change? Through his dragon, he began interviewing Koroth and soon matched the earlier, unreported, physical symptoms and personality changes to the medical literature.

When Trey came to, R'chein offered him one very dangerous procedure to possibly cure him, and possibly clear his name. Trey accepted. The worst that could happen was death, after all.

What R'chein found when he opened up the right side of Tr'etram's skull was a huge, amorphous growth on the brain. R'chein removed as much as he could, but there was some he couldn't touch. And he watched as the dragonrider recovered.

Trey still had small incidences of sudden anger, but his ability to control himself was much improved. He still was not the old Tr'etram, but he was also not the violent monster of the past few months.

Ophelia was faced with a question. Did she banish her former mate for crimes he may not have been able to keep himself from committing? She knew he could not stay at Telnor. Though she and Laria had decided to keep the story of the rape a secret, she knew she could never stand to see the man again. Ophelia decided to hold off deciding until he was fully recovered.

Laria continued to withdraw and Ophelia worried that she would lose her altogether. Then Laria joined Vithraena, a metallic rose queen. While Ophelia was floored to see her daughter, the daughter of a queenrider,join a queen, she was overjoyed that the bond seemed to pull Laria out of her depression.

With the need for transfers to Marrid, Ophelia hopes to solve her dilemma with Tr'etram-- if Waylene will have him.

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