Lieutenant Vaiko

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Vaiko was born on the planet Kirete. Kirete is a wilderness world whose sole industry seems to be outdoor tourism. The planet is quite rich in many valuable resources, but has been left practically untouched and unmined by the Xenogens that live there. There are two main reasons for this. First, they must catalog each and every species there before they could do anything that would alter ecology to the point of extinction for a species. Second, the natural beauty, as well as the scientific interest in the untouched world, draw more, and different, species to the planet. And these different species interest the Xenogens very much.

As might be surmised, the Xenogens did not originate on Kirete. It is one of several worlds that they call home, though they are mostly scattered. Their planet of origin isn't known.

The Xenogens are a "race" that gathers the genetic material of other races. This DNA is stored, selected, recombined and passed on to their offspring, meaning that no Xenogen is quite like any other. They do not know what their original appearance might have been like.

Vai, as well as kir Xenogen "mother" Heita, is a member of the Giruto'eh branch of the Xenogens, which are humanoid in appearance. Ke has several "fathers," none of whom ke knew personally. Vaiko's genetic predecessors come from most of the known humanoid races, including Human, Vulcan, Romulan, Andorian, Green Orion, Klingon, Betazoid, and even Ferengi, as well as other, less well-known, humanoids and non-humanoids, many of whom are long extinct or were absorbed wholesale into the Xenogen race.

Kir full name is 'Vaiko'. The name is computer generated and assigned by a selected Xenogen to be unique for each Xenogen. In situations where a "family" name seems desirable, Vaiko uses 'Giruto'eh'. Friends generally call kem 'Vai'.

Vai spent the most of kir early years on Kirete studying ecology, biology, xenobiology, chemistry and the linguistics of the races that visited there. As was often the case with Xenogens, kir home world soon lost its interest in the face of the myriad of races that visited and Vaiko began travelling off-world. Ke studied sociology at Harvard on Earth, then switched to anthropology and finally archeology.

Ke worked with a Vulcan archeologist, Dr. Sunak, in several digs before returning to the more interesting world of school, and a different area of interest.

Ke studied physics for a year, and then switched to astrophysics, and then dropped out, bored.

After travelling and working odd jobs for a number of years, Vai applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. With Vaiko's vast experience and education, ke impressed kir instructors there. Kir one weakness was kir tendency to bore easily and kir interest in fellow cadets, equal to kir interest in studies. Vai's racial predisposition to pursue interesting genetic possibilities caused great concern among the counsellors at the Academy. But Vaiko always did well in studies, so it was difficult to convince kem that it was a problem.