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An on-going concern

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24 years have passed since the events in the original Morgan campaign. The original PCs married, settled down and had kids. Some retired. Some died. Wars, epidemics, plagues, famines and other disasters have come and gone. The Baron William Morgan beat all of the odds for Barons Morgan and died in his bed of old age. His second son, Charles, having long run the barony, as his father grew more senile, gained the title to fit his duties and did well. He raised two sons, Robert and Julian, preparing them both for the job of baron.

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In the year 340, Old Kingdom, a war erupts with Ehleno. Baron Charles Morgan takes his son Julian to war with him, leaving Robert to run and defend the barony. The war goes badly for Hoojer. The final battle is a massacre, and Charles Morgan is among the fallen. Julian returns home with the body of his father and Robert Morgan, age 25, inherits. He is not without enemies. He begins looking about him for a group of people he can trust with important and difficult work-- troubleshooters, his grandfather called them. Many are called from the ranks of the children of his grandfather's team.

The players and their characters are:

Mike Cowper, playing a Human ranger named Adair Graceson, the son of Grace Rallino and step-son of Shadowhawk.

Susan Rati, playing a Half-Elven mage named Arandolen. Not related to the original PCs.

Kat Robertson, playing an Elvish bard-mage named Lindemir, the daughter of Atani and Dulinion.

Brian Davidson, playing an human mage named Devon Ahrenson, the son of Ruth and Ahren Kerus, biological son of Lorathion.

Randy Porter, playing a Human martial artist named Gavin Rallino, the son of Shadowhawk and Grace.

Jack Shot, played a Winged Folk bard-mage-thief named Dame Irene Kairissen, the daughter of Christopher and Selena Kairissen, but she was retired when Jack stopped attending games.

Daryl "Powerstar," played a Human ninja named Elexa Rallino, daughter of Shadowhawk and Grace, but was also retired for non-attendance.

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