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This campaign is using the GURPS system. It has its origins many years ago when I decided to run a campaign on a local BBS. The original game had three different BBS homes and fizzled after several months. Then, a month or so later, a long-running campaign ended rather suddenly and we needed something to take its place. I had the notes for the campaign world and 8 characters all made up. Thus was GURPS: Mirdain born. That campaign lasted on-again, off-again for three years, suffering from an overabundance of players (11) too far scattered and far too busy to manage much of a cohesive group. In the midst of the Mirdain campaign, I somehow got talked, by a bunch of local BBSers, into running another one, which I set in the Mirdain game-world (I'm a detail-oriented person; making and keeping track of two game-worlds seemed like too much work).

Because I started on the BBSes, the setting needed to be easily described in text, without maps. The local geography seemed easiest. Thus, the campaign is set in a future Earth after a cataclysm of both magical and natural proportions wiped out most of humanity. It takes place in the "Midlands" which is an area that used to be part of the Midlands Kingdom and encompasses all or parts of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee (this is in the US, just south of the Great Lakes).

For more information about the campaign history, click here.

The specific country the PCs are located in is Hoojer, which takes up most of Southern Indiana. To the northwest is LaFei. To the northeast is Bahl. To the west is Ehleno. To the south are Kain and Franklen. Not far to the east is Hio. Hoojer, LaFei and Bahl share a common menace in the orcs who inhabit the ruins of Naplis (Indianapolis), at the point where all three nations join. No nation claims Naplis, as controlling the orcs has proved impossible. To the south of Naplis, in the nation of Hoojer, and also bordering on parts of Bahl and LaFei is the Barony Morgan. Near the south border of Barony Morgan, away from the orc threat, stands Morgantown, the home-base for the PCs. The Baron Morgan is the second-most powerful man in the nation of Hoojer-- the first being King Abren. Because only Barony Morgan stands between the orc hordes and the Royal Demesne, Morgan is a military power second to none in the kingdom. The Barons Morgan have been revered since the inception of the nation as its greatest strategists. No Baron of Morgan has ever died of old age-- all have died on the battlefield.

The PCs are a team of special trouble-shooters (with occasional forays into trouble-making) working for the Baron William Morgan. As well as having to deal with local matters, because of the Baron's national power, they have forayed into matters more national or international. They are a diverse and powerful group.

The characters and their players are:

Atani, an Elvish bard-mage, played by Kat Robertson.

Christopher Kairissen, a Winged Folk not-a-thief (at least, he says he's not a thief-- ignore the lockpicks), played by Jack Shot.

Espeth, a Protean (shapeshifter) spy played by Chris Canary.

Grace, a Human ex-slave-prostitute and ninja in training, played by Susan Rati.

Lorathion, a Half-Elven mages' mage, played by Mike Cowper.

Shadowhawk, a Human Ninja, played by Nathan Terhune.

Silverwood, a Half-Elven ranger-mage-healer, played by Ian Shot.

Yanah, a Human mage, played by Rebecca Terhune and then Daryl "Powerstar."

I did something a little unusual in that I allowed people to come in and "guest-play" NPCs. I didn't allow more than one person to play a given NPC, but had few rules otherwise. This allowed people unfamiliar with GURPS, or even unfamiliar with role-playing, to try out the system and see how it worked. This also allowed me to give the role of the villain or antagonist to someone unfamiliar with the PCs' abilities, thus assuring that I didn't unconsciously play the villain with the PCs' abilities in mind.

Some of these guest-players and the characters they took on:

Chris Canary took on Shadowhawk (see above) while his player was in Basic Training, played the judge in the trial of Kay Meretree, and also plays Sir Palantir Erinson of Oaklane Manor, Silverwood's nephew

J.D. Frankland took on the role of the Earl Jesta of Rushby

Max Martin has taken the role of Midian, a Bale (vampiric and very sadistic race of humanoids) who captured and tortured Palantir

Malea Borst took on the roles of Leotie, Erasmus, and, most infamously, Kay Meretree, who is serving 20 years' servitude to the state for the illegal use of mind-control magic on, and rape of, Silverwood. This act caused one of the most interesting role-playing sessions we've had, when we ran the trial of Kay, complete with judge, jury, witnesses, prosecutor and defense attorney

Daryl "Powerstar" did a remarkable job of playing Kay Meretree's defense attorney

Doug and Tracey Rollison played parts in the jury. Tracey also advised Chris Canary in playing the judge

Various and assundry friends of Nathan Terhune's took on the roles of Palantir's Men-at-Arms for a massive combat

And last, but not least, W. Scott Grant took on the roles of two villains, Alric Stillman, an alchemist; and Perrin Magus, former court mage to the Earl Jesta of Rushby, convicted and awaiting execution for treason

If any of these descriptions intrigue you, check out the NPC list.

This campaign, however, is soon ending. We will be jumping forward 24 years to play the next generation, or MC:TNG as we've come to call it.

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