Lynette Cowper's Pictures Index Page

InCon Orgy. A whole bunch of us in the hottub doing a backrub line.
InCon1-- Megan's DinoHunt demo.
InCon2-- Megan's DinoHunt demo, again. Megan's the kid in purple. Steve Jackson is the guy on the end of the table, across from her.
InCon3-- Chris Canary and Andrew Happli face off with Knightmare Chess.
InCon4-- femmes fatales, Susan Rati and Kathy Coutinho.


Earthgate 1 is a picture of my husband Mike running a game at a convention (Earthgate).
Earthgate 2 is a pic of Susan Rati and Steve Jackson, playing DinuHunt at the con.
Earthgate 3 has a pic of Chris Canary running a game. He's the second guy from the left.
Earthgate 4 is me, playing target for the Killer game we ran. Steve is taking a break from being Evil Stevie and playing bodyguard instead.
Earthgate 5 has Chris and Mike.
Earthgate 6 is a picture of two of the people I wrote with on the USS TAMERLANE, James Bowman and Takako Nagumo.
Earthgate 7 is another Susan and Steve shot.
Earthgate 8 is Mike with some of the players from one of his games.
Earthgate 9 is the whole group of MIBs. From left to right, me, Mike, Chris Canary, John Mion, Susan Rati, Steve Jackson.
Earthgate is Susan Rati and Steve Jackson. Steve is autographing something and Susan's checking to make sure he spelled his name right... ;>

Megan Got Fuzz. Megan took a turn as an assassin and slew John "Fuzzface" McMahon while he was being Evil Stevie.

The fam pics are, in fact, pictures of various family members
Megan Flower is Megan in her Halloween costume-- a sunflower-- Halloween of 1994 or 1995. Megan came up with the costume idea herself.
Megan 3 is Megan from June, 1998.
Megan 4 is from just before Christmas, 1998.
Megan 1 is her in her Halloween costume, Halloween, 1998
Megan and Ren 1 is from Thanksgiving, 1998.
Megan and Ren 2 is also from Thanksgiving, 1998. The box-playhouse was made by her Grandpa Norm Cowper and is a special treat when she visits.
Megan and Ren 3 is also from Thanksgiving, 1998. The picture is a favourite, despite the discolouration.
Ren 1 is from... late July, 1998, I think.
Ren 2 is Ren checking out the dog figure at his Grandpa Cowper's house, Thanksgiving, 1998.
Ren 3 is Ren in his Halloween costume, Halloween of 1998.
Ren 4 is another shot of Ren in his Halloween costume, Halloween of 1998.
Family 1 is at a Fletcher family gathering, summer of 1998. Pictured from left to right: Mike and Ren, my Dad Jim Fletcher, my brother Chris Fletcher hiding back in the shadows, and my brother-in-law, Todd Himes.
Family 2 is the same gathering. Mike's in front. My nephew Clark, Ren, and my sister Janna Himes are behind him.
Family 3 is Grandpa Cowper with Ren, Thanksgiving, 1998.
Family 4 is Megan and her Aunt Pam Cowper in the tree in front of Grandpa's house, Thanksgiving, 1998.
Family 5 is another shot of our tree-climbing pair.

A couple of sounds:
ren.wav-- Ren from January 25, 1999
rengiggle.wav-- Ren from February 9, 1999