Laria and Vithraena

Player: Lynette R. F. Cowper
Laria Age: 18 Height: 5'6" Wt: 120 lb.
Hair: Auburn, curly, shoulder-length Skin: Tan Eyes: Brown
Other: Slender build, though currently 8.5 months pregnant.

Laria was born in the spring of 2982 to the (at that time) Junior Queenrider, Ophelia, rider of the queen Beryth, and her mate Tr'etram (Trey), rider of Koroth. She has two full siblings, B'rin, now rider of Kalon, born in the winter of 2983, and Ph'let, born in the summer of 2986.

When Laria was still a toddler, her father became Alpha Wingleader at Telnor. She was 4 when her mother became Warrenlady, when the previous Warrenlady's queen stopped flying.

As her parents were both frequently busy, she was raised as more of a warren child, and very much the warren's darling, though her father made it a habit to prepare dinner at home every evening he wasn't on patrol, so they had some private time as just a family.

As she entered her teen years, she developed a crush on R'chis, the older son of her parents' best friend, R'chein. But, R'chis was already a dragonrider, and she had yet to join, so she kept her feelings to herself.

In the fall of 2996, he father's behaviour took a sudden turn, and he became increasingly violent and erratic, though much of this went unreported by the loyal members of his wing. Their home life deteriorated and her parents spent a great deal of time arguing, after he had snapped at Ophelia for some minor slight. The entire family was mystified, but Ophelia seemed to think it was some sort of phase he was going through.

What the family didn't know what that Trey was also suffering from sudden headaches and memory gaps as well.

The relationship between Trey and Ophelia was blown apart when she discovered him with his Wingsecond, Retala, though the two maintained an outward veneer that everything was all right. Retala's relationship with her mate, Sandor, was also destroyed and they made no attempt to hide the fact.

The charade went on for some months, until the day Trey returned home while Laria was the only one there and raped her at knife point. Frightened and confused, Laria kept the rape a secret for a week, while Trey went blithely along as if nothing had happened.

Then Ophelia's queen, Beryth, received a panicked cry for help from Koroth. Trey had gone deep into the bowels of the warren, and slit his wrists. Following Koroth's panicked guidance, Ophelia and R'chein, the head warren healer, got to him in the nick of time.

There was a note apologising to Laria, which mystified Ophelia. While the healer settled Trey at the Medical Center, she confronted her daughter. Laria haltingly told her mother the truth.

After holding her daughter while they both cried, Ophelia went to the Medical Center and took one last look at the man who had once been her true love, her best friend, and the father of her children. She then told the story to R'chein and instructed him that she didn't want to see Trey anymore, or she might not be able to keep from killing him.

R'chein was both horrified and mystified. What had happened to Tr'etram to cause such a change? Through his dragon, he began interviewing Koroth and learned that before the personality changes, Trey had suffered frequent severe headaches, and memory gaps. He soon matched the earlier, unreported, physical symptoms and personality changes to the medical literature.

When Trey came to, R'chein offered him one very dangerous procedure to possibly cure him, and possibly clear his name. Trey accepted.

What R'chein found when he opened up the right side of Tr'etram's skull was a huge, amorphous growth on the brain. R'chein removed as much as he could, but there was some he couldn't touch. And he watched as the dragonrider recovered.

Trey still had small incidences of sudden anger, but his ability to control himself was much improved. He still was not the old Tr'etram, but he was also not the violent monster of the past few months.

Ophelia was faced with a question. Did she banish her former mate for crimes he may not have been able to keep himself from committing? She knew he could not stay at Telnor. Though she and Laria had decided to keep the story of the rape a secret, she knew she could never stand to see the man again. Ophelia decided to hold off deciding until he was fully recovered.

Laria continued to withdraw and Ophelia worried that she would lose her altogether. Then Laria joined Vithraena, a metallic rose queen. While Ophelia was floored to see her daughter, the daughter of a queenrider, join a queen, she was overjoyed that the bond seemed to pull Laria out of her depression.

After the Battle of Marrid, when the need for transfers to Marrid was announced, Ophelia wrote to Waylene, explaining the situation, without names. Waylene accepted, and Tr'etram was transferred at once.

One evening shortly after that, she was with R'chis when the mood turned decidedly romantic and she suddenly panicked, remembering the pain of the rape.

She realised then that she had to put her ghosts aside somehow. She had to know whether the man known as Tr'etram was her old father or not.

She found out from R'chein that her father was to face a hearing at Marrid into whether the warren would keep him, when the warrenfolk there found out what his crime had been. R'chein was going there to present the medical evidence for what had happened. Laria asked to come with him, on his dragon, so that Vithraena's presence wouldn't cause a stir. She spent some time along, thinking, before stepping into the hearing. There, she heard her father tearfully exclaim that though there was a medical reason for what he had done, he still held himself to be without excuse and had no hope of ever being forgiven.

Her heart went out to him then and before the whole assemblage, she offered him her forgiveness.

While she was visiting him, Vithraena rose to mate at Telnor. R'chein brought her home while the chase was still going on. Vithraena was won by R'chis's dragon, Repechin.

Taking his cue from her relieved and almost flirtatious attitude afterward, R'chis decided to pursue Laria more vigourously, but she still felt herself to be too young for a serious relationship. The two did, however, become regular lovers.

The two have gone through their ups and downs since then. As has Laria's family. Trey took a new mate at Marrid and had twins, Darreni and Treanya. Trey's mate was then murdered and he was left once again alone. Ophelia took R'chein as a mate, and then broke up the relationship by unfairly banishing his younger son, L'sein. Though she later revoked the banishment, she couldn't undo the damage, and she and R'chein are still estranged. B'rin survived becoming a Hellspawn, and then took L'sein as a lover, much to Ophelia's horror. Ph'let, throughout, has been his mostly-content and sunny self, seeming to take the mountains and valleys in stride.

Laria became primary junior queenrider, when the woman between her and her mother in the hierarchy, Cynthia, rider of the Queen Syren, became the warrenlady of the newly-opened Cleft Warren in the Nomadlands.

Though R'chis pressed her to become his mate, it wasn't until she discovered that she was pregnant that she accepted. The two went to visit Trey and announce the good news and found that he was once again to become a father. The Marrid head healer, Lakoda, had become pregnant by him during a mating flight. Trey was to become a grandfather only months after becoming a father again.

Recently, Ophelia's Beryth suffered a rare condition that required that she be sterilised. As Beryth is no longer capable of rising to mate, Ophelia has retired in favour of Laria.


Resilient. She will take as much time as she thinks she can before making a decision, though once she's decided, she's difficult to sway from her course. She is used to being the warren's darling, so has always taken the respect given to a queenrider in stride. She honestly doesn't know she's treated any differently than any of the other warren women her age. She is a little in awe of her mother and concerned about doing well by her.


Metallic rose, with grey eyes.
About average size for a queen.

Vithraena is an affectionate dragon and a calm and loving support to her rider. She has many friends among the dragons, but doesn't have particular favourites. She has no special attachment to her rider's mate's dragon, Repechin, over the other dragons as far as mating flights go. She is fairly sensible and won't go spreading gossip about things her rider tell her are private or that are revealed to her rider in private, as she's seen through experience that sharing such gossip generally causes the human populace problems, though she doesn't really understand why.