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Senior Information Developer 
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Technical information developer / technical writer with in-depth expertise in the planning, development, management, and delivery of engineering and client-facing technical documentation for software, hardware, pharmaceutical and industrial products.

Twenty years of experience in technical information development  with emphasis on enterprise software focused on technical information project management, analysis, planning, development, verification  and delivery using Agile and waterfall methodologies, Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) authoring tools and processes, as well as team collaboration tools including the Rational Tool Kit for documentation .

Experience in planning, authoring, editing, reviewing, testing, and publishing an extensive variety of information types, including software and hardware user and reference documentation, system administration manuals, diagnostics manuals, online help systems, installation and migration manuals, product fact-sheets, whitepapers, and more.

Expertise with publishing tools including Arbortext Editor, IBM Workbench  suite (IDWB), Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat, Freehand, MS Word, Visio, PowerPoint, Office, Front Page, WebWorks Publisher, Dreamweaver, Documentum, CMVC, Subversion, Perforce, Rational Tool Kit (for source control and Agile implementation).



Unix/Linux Workstations, IBM PC Clones, Macintosh, Digital VAX Systems


Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98/95, Solaris and BSD UNIX, HPUX, Linux, MAC OS


Arbortext, DITA, Komposer, FrameMaker , Interleaf, Word for Windows, PowerPoint, Excel, FreeHand, Paint Shop Pro, Micrographics  Designer, vi, troff, tbl, WordPerfect, Ventura Publisher, PC AutoCad, Corel Draw, Visio, PhotoShop, Pictify, HTML, HomeSite, Front  Page 2000, RoboHelp (classic and HTML),  WebWorks Publisher 2000, Documentum, Adobe Acrobat Suite, Primavera Teamplayer, Lotus Notes, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Tool Kit (for source control and Agile implementation)


MIL-M-38784 and MIL-M-16616

Employment History (details upon request)

IBM Corporation 
Austin, TX   04/03 – Present

Senior Information Developer/Team Lead

Hired as a senior information developer to IBM in Austin, Texas. I have held a number of positions including: team lead, information architect,, information developer, and a team lead. 

       Software Group:

        Global Services: 

Indianapolis, IN  10/ 02 - 03/03

Senior Technical Writer

Developed and managed the documentation set that described and explained the Supply Chain product distribution systems and management processes at Eli Lilly. Researched and updated all documents to ensure the accuracy of business processes, the terminology, the quality of language, grammar, format, and the underlying mark-up. Used Documentum to create linked hierarchical documentation trees that demonstrated Eli Lilly’s compliance to to FDA FDA cGMP, CSVP, QC and QA regulations. Responsible for documentation source file management and version control.

 Austin, TX  2000 – 2002

Senior Technical Writer

Designed, developed, authored, and edited manuals and online help systems (using Robohelp) that described how to use C/C++ software application analysis tools and the CodeWarrior software development application. Developed WebWorks Publisher scripts and templates to seamlessly convert FrameMaker source files to compressed HTML for online presentation.

 Austin, TX  1999 – 2000

Contractor – Senior Technical Writer

Worked closely with design engineers to develop proprietary specifications and user documentation for wireless technology processors. I was responsible for ensuring the secure distribution of those specifications to Intel’s non-disclosure agreement client base. Served as on-site technical publications lead in the Austin facility, interfacing with the corporate publications group in Arizona and a satellite team in Massachusetts. Familiarized and trained the engineering community on the use and benefits of FrameMaker as an authoring tool, and served as the Documentum system administrator.

Senior Technical Writer (contract and staff)
Austin, TX   01/96 – 12/99


Senior Technical Writer (contract) 
Austin, TX  09/93 – 11/95
Senior Technical Writer, (staff) 
San Jose, CA  1989 – 1993
Senior Technical Writer, (contract) 
MA/NH  1986 – 1989
Technical Writer, (staff)
MA  1976 – 1986





Easy-to-use documentation provides a bottom-line dollar value to your company in your client's perception of product quality and reliability. 

The end-user correlates Documentation Ease-of-Use to Product Quality

When you use the Simplified English approach to writing, you make sure that your documentation is easily understood, and is more efficient to globalize for your clients in other geographies.  A way to qualify end-user satisfaction with product reliability is to track the number of calls to your service center, then correlate those calls to the degree of difficulty the end-user may have with the documentation. 

The table below lists two tools that any writing group can use to determine documentation ease-of-readability.

Readability Testing 

Gunning Fog Index

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