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Craig Marshall "Point Of View"

This is a scorching power pop CD. It crackles with great songs from the get go! There are traces of Neil Finn influence at the crunchy end of his Crowded House material, with a bit of XTC thrown in for good measure. There are so many good songs it is difficult to know where to start! The most immediate and radio friendly song is (ironically) "Radio Girl" which should raise his profile if it gets played on the radio. There are also three tracks that sound as if Macca himself could have written from The Rubber Soul and Revolver era, namely "When You Come Back Down", "Paper Cut" and "Lost In Space". This album is how it should be, with songs that have intelligent lyrics, great hooks and fine musicianship. Did I say power pop, I meant to say POWERFUL pop. Highly recommended.

Steve O. / Leicester Bangs 6/30/08

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