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Craig Marshall (the Americana artist) appreciation thread (posted in Steve Hoffman Music Forums)

While listening to a 24-hour TV music channel which mostly plays Americana and roots artists, I first heard the music of Craig Marshall. They had about 3 of his songs in rotation and this prompted me to learn more about the artist and dig deeper into his catalog. ''The Only Thing I Have To Do'' by Craig Marshall from his "Turnaround" LP. I've been trying to convince @Rick Bartlett to record a cover of this song on his next studio album. To my surprise, I discovered that Craig's studio albums have been produced by Robert Harrison, front man and leader of the rock group Cotton Mather. As a longtime fan since the 1990s, I always found it fascinating how Noel Gallagher discovered and helped to promote Cotton Mather in addition to asking them to tour with his band Oasis. Although Craig's music is stylistically different from that of Cotton Mather's psychedelic indie rock and Beatles-inspired sounds heard on albums such as "Kon Tiki" or "The Big Picture," there's an instantly recognizable edge and level of sophistication which serves as a common thread. Much like Cotton Mather, Craig's music has a timeless quality. With a diverse background in jazz, rock, country and folk, Craig Marshall has spent much of his adult life working with a variety of bands and projects both on the road and in the studio. He's written and co-written a number of songs for other artists in addition to having recordings featured in films and TV shows. For his solo project, Craig continues to tour and record new material with various band configurations which often include instruments such as fiddle, mandolin, pedal steel and piano.

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