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Craig Marshall "Popular Crimes"

While there is always an overabundance of pop being created on this dear ol' planet...there are relatively few pop songwriters who can truly strike a chord in the hearts of their listeners. Craig Marshall is indeed one of those rare artists whose music is so genuinely effective and real...that one can't help but be helplessly pulled into his world. Former frontman for the Lucky Strikes, this is Marshall's first solo album. More than any other artist, Craig's tunes...and particularly his vocals...recall Badfinger's Pete Ham. Melodies are the most important element here, with vocals and instruments being used as supporting elements. The tunes on Popular Crimes are instantly effective and memorable...sneaking into your consciousness...and taking up permanent residence. With so many pop bands competing for attention...but offering very little can be a very tedious process wading through the massive stacks of pop CDs that fill our office suite. Popular Crimes is an instant standout...providing just what we like best...good and effective pop music that we just can't get out of our heads. Catchy keepers include "Desperately" (wow!), "Only Breaking Love" (another wow!) "I Like Saturday Night," and "Popular Crime." Recommended. (Rating: 5++)

LMNOP® / December 2003

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