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Craig Marshall "Before The Fadeaway"

Second album from Not Lame fave, whose debut "Popular Crimes" continues to slowly, surely and inexorably connect with many customers here. "Before The Fadeaway" features help from Darin Murphy(Darin) and has a similar, subtle charged affect as Murphy`s music. You`ll hear hints of Matthew Sweet, Parthenon Huxley, Marshall Crenshaw, Bill Lloyd, Pete Ham(Badfinger) and Richard X. Heyman will find familiar, comforting territory. Some of the material here reminds me of Minibar, as well. And like those artists, the song is what holds thing in place, it`s all carefully constructed and the album has a singer/songwriter arc of grace attached to it. Like his debut, it`s not a `hit you between the eyes` type of release, its charms, its lasting qualities are more slow-burning, but all the more effective and long-lasting, for the patience. In that respect, it`s ambitious because "Before" is never rushing to a chorus, push the obvious hook or melody inside the song---it waits for the right moment to un-leash the `just right` ingredient required by the song---nothing more, nothing less. And that is refreshing, pure and simple.

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