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Craig Marshall "Popular Crimes"

Wow.....Produced by fellow Texan Darin Murphy(Darin) featuring 20/20 member Ron Flynt, this release has so much to embrace, we'll just have to take our time and figure out where to begin. There's no doubt, though that fans of Richard X. Heyman will love this! Other artists this echoes are Marshall Crenshaw, Parthenon Huxley and Martin Newell. This record has sweet, sweet charm and gorgeous elegiac feel to it. Excellent choruses, sky-stretching arrangements and quality execution of what comprises great pop. "Though the longtime local singer describes this album as "alt-pop," there's very little alt and plenty of pop here, starting with the first track, "Desperately." Even without the prominent harmony vocals of Tony Scalzo(Fastball), the number could pass for a Fastball tune. And so it continues; "Knock Me Down" has a sweet Burt Bacharach feel to it, and all down the line the songs continue their parade of strong pop-rock. Sure, there's a cliché or two, but love songs and such are part of the game, aren't they?.....A fine solo debut. Officers, release this man!"- Austin Chronicle. More than fine for Not Lamers, this is Extremely Highly Recommended.

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