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ALBUM REVIEW - "Turnaround" by Craig Marshall / (02/01/2019)

The Texan singer-songwriter Craig Marshall from Austin started in 1991 as a young man on his musical career as frontman of the Rock and Country format 'The Delta Rays' and of the Jazz and swing band 'The Lucky Strikes'. In 2002, his first album appeared as a solo artist under the title "Popular Crimes" after which five more albums followed with "After All" in 2015 as the final realization.

In his solo work, Craig Marshall specialized in the creation of country and Americana songs, which is what we are now offered on his most recent album "Turnaround" recorded in Austin, Texas. This was done with the help of a whole series of local musicians whose most famous strings are virtuoso Patterson Barrett, keyboardist Derek Morris and guitarists Roger Solenberger and Steve Novelli.

In the style of his musical influences Neil Young, Brian Wilson, Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson, Craig Marshall is a storyteller in his songs. On this new album he does this in country ballads like "As Far As I Can Tell", "Hard Days" (see video) and "The Only Thing I Have To Do". On the last two songs we would like to mention the female harmony vocals of Betty Soo; harmonious harmony vocals that we later also get offered in the songs "Hide and Seek" and "Last In Line".

Other female harmony vocals are from Juliana Sheffield in " As Far As I Can Tell "and there is male vocal support from Jeremy Fowler in opening track "Before The Days Have Gone", "Leaving Behind" and "With Any Luck ". In Country-tearjerker "Nobody Told Me" We can hear how Roy Orbison's style influenced him creating this song.

The inspiration for his lyrics seeks Craig Marshall in ordinary life and in love where he is a personal part of day to day. That he can convert those experiences into beautiful songs in a very professional way, we can actually hear in each of the eleven tracks on this new album "Turnaround".

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