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Attitudinal Healing

Have you ever had the feeling that all your efforts are going in a hundred different directions? Or do you try to be happy, but something always seems to come along to dash your efforts? Have you tried everything to change your life (yourself, your situation, your spouse, your family, your world) only to be met with disappointment, or frustration, or isolation? Is your only reward for all your efforts fatigue? Have you acquired (or tried to acquire) a thousand things (goals, successes, money, status, relationships, health) only to discover there's always "one more empty thing" you have to have? Does the world seem impossibly large? Does your life seem hopelessly small? Do you ever wish for just one moment of simple peace? Or at least a sense of equanimity?

In looking at your life today, if you find yourself answering yes to any of the above questions, consider the possibility that it might be your attitude, and not the trappings of the world, that need changing. The remarkable thing about attitudes is that we all have 'em, and that the ones we call our own are ours to rule. No one else has direct access to our attitudes (though they are apparent to all around us), but guess who does have access? (I suspect you've guessed it!) Here is something that is uniquely and readily accessible to our own selves, which has the power to change our life's experience from suffering to joy, from isolation to connection, from chaos to peace. Until now, we have most often ignored our attitudes, thinking they were a byproduct of our life, a happenstance, rather than the source of our experience, rather than the catalyst for our healing.

Attitudinal Healing is a secular philosophy and practice, based on twelve central thoughts, which suggests that our own attitudes play the primary role in determining whether we experience peace of mind in our daily lives. This is in marked contrast to the messages we seem to hear each day - the messages that say

"If only things were different, if only I were in control, if only I were smarter, or prettier, or younger, or stronger, I would be happy. If only (you fill in the blank), life would be better."

Tiring, isn't it? Could it be we have been wrong about what we wanted? Could it be we have been wrong about where we put our efforts? What if all along we've been putting our energy where it's least effective, while putting little or no effort where it would do us the most good? Would we not wish to put a little energy into something with a reasonable chance of success? And that offers the possibility of real peace of mind? It makes no difference what we have done before, nor what our situation seems to be. We have been mistaken, but we are willing to look at things a different way, so that we might experience more peace, more laughter, a gentle smile, a hopeful thought, and maybe even joy. Today!

Attitudinal Healing is just one of many healing approaches that suggests that we can have a different experience of life if we look beyond the way things seem to be, and focus on our attitudes now!

If you are interested in exploring what Attitudinal Healing might offer you to make your life happier, consider looking more closely at it. It doesn't have to cost you a dime, and you don't have to give up anything about your life right now (not even your suffering, if you don't want to). In fact, the good things about your life right now - your spiritual practice, your relationships, your creativity - can only be enhanced by your improved attitudes toward life. Why not look over the twelve principles outlined here? Pick out one you especially like, and one you think is "full-of-it", and write both down on a little scrap of paper. Tape it to the mirror, the fridge, the steering wheel, the phone; carry it in your pocket. Whenever you can, read it, and think about what it might mean "to change your mind". Do you want what it offers? Could it possibly be true? Can it be practiced? Do you even want to practice it? Just think about it from time-to-time when you can. And at the end of the day, before you go to bed, read it one more time, and consider whether your day today has been any different as a result of the consideration you've given it. Its that simple! No dues to pay, no seminars to attend; it's yours for the grand price of your own simple, little willingness to consider it.

We also offer a full complement of personal practice exercises on each principle. Eventually, we hope to have seven for each principle, so that people can explore each principle in depth for a week. Naturally, these are available at the [click] of your mouse button. Doing all of them will give you an excellent grounding in the Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

If you want to explore Attitudinal Healing yet more deeply, many like yourself have organized peer groups and non-profit centers for doing just that! A link to a list of centers appears below. Perhaps there is one near you. Check it out! If not, perhaps you'd like to read some of the books related to Attitudinal Healing. A link to a bibliography appears below for just that purpose. Take your time, walk lightly and with joy, and whatever you gain, don't forget to give it away!

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