Come-Along Project:
Request for Morse Code Practice Unit (MCPU)

Because of inadequate resources in time and material, I am currently limiting issues of morse hardware to individuals only, who are students (middle school, high school, college) under 25 years of age (remember, under age 18 requires a sponsor), and to any individual of any age who resides in the central Texas area (Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, Blanco counties). Sorry, I wish I could be more generous, but I also wish I had more time and materials ;-)

Every field is required to be filled out, and every checkbox checked, for a successful submittal. If you would like to e-mail me separately with questions or comments, click -here-.

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regards, Monty, N5ESE

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Sorry, USA addresses only. Also, some states may
restrict electronic assemblies which are non-RoHS-compliant
(i.e., contains lead, which is the case with the MCPU).
If you live in one of these states, no shipments can be made.


NOTE: By checking (clicking) the "radio buttons" (checkboxes) below, you affirm to each of the statements, as it applies to you (yourself).

I acknowledge that my age is as represented above

I acknowledge that the name and address above is my own (not that of a minor I am sponsoring)

The Morse Code Practice Unit (MCPU) is a device intended for:
     * assisting a beginner to learn morse code for radio telegraphy
     * assisting in the increase of proficiency in radio telegraphy

I understand the intention of the MCPU, as outlined above

I intend to use the MCPU to fulfill one or both of those purposes (or sponsor and encourage a minor to do so)

I understand that the MCPU is loaned to me. I agree to return the MCPU (without batteries) when I am done using it, or when I discover it is not useful to me; alternatively, I may pass it on to someone else who qualifies, provided they likewise agree to these terms

I agree never to sell the MCPU; if I decide I want to own it, I will buy it at the current listed price ($50)

If you are sponsoring a minor, please indicate their age below
Also, please make any other comments below

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