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We've had over 50,000 visitors to our 'Christmas Lights of Central Texas' page during the last three holiday seasons! Wow! We have well over 100 images this year, so be sure to click the icon below to take a look

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The following JPEG images of family, texana, nature (and etc) are offered for your entertainment; for the techno-freak, they were scanned using a Mustek CG-8400 Color hand-scanner or 600 II EP desktop scanner, using Micrografx Photomagic and LViewPro graphics software. I have endeavored to keep each image file to 50K or less. Check back frequently, as this page is frequently updated. For those with the same scanner hardware/software, click here for tips on using it.

Table of Contents (Photos)

Christmas Lights in Central Texas..........spectacular and creative displays! [~300 KB]
Texas Wildflowers..........Texas is famous for 'em! [version with thumbnails- ~350 KB]
Texas Wildflowers..........same-o, but faster [version without thumbnails- about 25 KB]
Signs of Texas..........Really -- signs! [about 100KB]
Fall Colors in Texas ..........when everybody else is shoveling snow! [about 45 KB]
Come 'n' Meet Sophia! ... ... our first granddaughter [~120 KB]
Then meet Sydney! ... ... our second granddaughter [~100 KB]
General Interest &, nature, Texas & texana, & etc. Lookee! [~90 KB]
Carolyn's Art..........sculpture, etc. [about 40 KB]
Monty's Art..........wildflower drawings, etc. [about 10 KB]

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