Maddog 'n' Miracles -- Fall Colors in Texas

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While Texas will never compete with Vermont for sheer quantity of Fall colors, there are yet many beautiful sights to behold in Texas. During November, while folks in New England are shoveling snow off their sidewalks and priming their snowmobiles, we in central Texas will be enjoying our autumn scenery. And in case you think it just won't measure up, take a look at some of the images offered here.

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1. Sumac ... a small to medium shrub that's very prolific
2. Chinese Tallow "... a medium sized tree, sometimes growing wild, more often cultivated"
3. Another Chinese Tallow ... and a little closer view
4. View Under a Bridge ... on Town Lake in Austin
5. Willows and Fluff ... and a year-round native species
6. McKittrick Canyon ... maples in the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas

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7. More McKittrick Canyon ... Fall comes in October there.
8. Soapwood Tree ... really lights up the woods.
9. Pyrocanta "... berries are orange in October, fire red in winter"
10. Colorful Vines ... and a common wild shrub (name forgotten)
11. Spanish Oak ... to colors the hills of Texas
12. Sweet Gum ... common all through the southern U.S.


13. December Elm ... looking skyward through its branches.

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