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The following scanned photos of roadsigns (and other signs) were taken while jaunting around Texas gawking at wildflowers. We are not professional class photographers, so many of the photos are of less-than-great quality (to say the least). Nevertheless, we hope you are as amused as we were to discover these very real signs of Texas.

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1. State Motto: Drive Friendly! "... on the back of a garbage truck in Comfort, TX."
2. No Bull! ... sign in the middle of a vast West Texas pasture
3. Spring Greeting ... a little of the old west remains.
4. Crime Watch ... staving off that big crime wave in West Texas
5. Clean Trash Only ... looks like trouble to me!
6. Easter Special ... because it's a profound holiday

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7. "Who loves ya', baby?" ... like a dagger through the heart
8. Who's guarding the ranch? "... oh, yeah! now I feel better."
9. Miles and Miles of Texas ... and then there's this little acre and a half.
10. Give George a break! ... are we for him or against him?
11. What's for lunch? "... this ain't horsemeat, ya know."
12. Make reservations ... but accommodations ain't what they used to be.

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13. This ain't MacDonalds ... how many sold??
14. Where are we? ... lemme think about this a minute
15. Divestiture "... hey, the big guy invests in the Texas economy"
16. His and Hers? ... at least we know which this is!
17. Lawnmower Repair Shop ... but let's not stick out our neck too far
18. Local Meeting Ground "... in Lost Maples, Texas."

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19. Which Way? ... like we need this sign
20. Is that in the bible? "... come on, let's cut right to it."
21. Texas Friendly ... seen on a ranch gate
22. Duck Walk ... for a few meager quackers.
23. Banking - Texas Style! "... but wear your boots, pilgrim."
24. No one in sight ... and now we know why

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25. A step up from Bingo? ... this'll set them catholics back!
26. Old...New...Where are we again? "... signs always make things clearer, right?"
27. Which side is my bread buttered on? ... sign over a ranch entrance.
28. Future site ... might there be wasted effort here?
29. Spotted WHAT? ... I trust we're speaking of farm animals here.
30. On this site ... plaque on a large live oak in our neighborhood

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31. Smiley water tower "... have a happy (yeah, right)."
32. Where to get office furniture ... when you're too pooped to pop
33. "A little heavy on the eyeshadow, Lord" ... wait! is that a merit badge I see?
34. Old soldiers never die ... but what happens to old lawyers?
35. Cute rural motel ... but watch out for the farmer's daughter.
36. Where can I take it? ... my leaky radiator that is...(contributed by "Sniper")

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37. You've heard the rumors "... is this welfare fraud?
38. Got your big gun? ... takes skill to hit these little buggers
39. Wanted: Used Car Salesman ... if you can sell these, you're good
40. Hungry for fish? ... hey, don't even give it a second thought
41. Don't fall for it ... what the heck, it was worth a try, heh?.
42. Ranch Gate ... barring unforseen what?

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43. Looking for a B&B? ... this should be great - maybe
44. Unusual Bar-B-Que ... run by the nicest old lady, really!
45. DQ, anyone? ... and a glass of holy water, please.
46. Another Ranch Gate ... or, what side is your bread buttered on?
47. Texas No Trespassing Sign ... let's hope the sherrif gets there first.
48. Texas Blessing ... just this side of the TX-OK state line

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49. Not a lotta two-way traffic here ... but we all end up going down this road
50. Clever Church Sign ... for those who look for signs
51. And for you new-agers ... meditate on this parking space
52. Sign In Tennessee ... definitely deserves honorary Texan status
53. Welcome to Hondo ... where never is heard ...(contributed by "Sniper")
54. New Mexico Highway ... maybe you should think twice

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55. Is this possible? ... or, where the twain shall meet
56. Marketing at its best ... give 'em a warm fuzzy...

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