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Christmas Lights in Central Texas

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Our Virtual Christmas Lights Tour Through Central Texas

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Beginning just after Thanksgiving, you may perchance some night find yourself driving behind two rubberneckers gawking at Christmas lights. (That would be us). People in Austin have, in recent years, gone "all out" for Christmas decorations. Austin (at least as of 1993) holds title to the largest electric christmas tree in the world; built of electric lights on a lighting tower dating from the 1930's, the Zilker Christmas Tree stands 152 feet tall, and can be seen for miles. Zilker City Park is also host to thousands of visitors to its Trail of Lights, a spectacular display sponsored by local businesses and organizations.

A small neighborhood in central Austin holds world-wide fame for its lights, and its community spirit. In this neighborhood, from Thanksgiving to New Year's, a steady stream of car and foot traffic graces the 37th Street neighborhood each night, and for good reason. Virtually everyone on the block puts up lights, and most put up THOUSANDS. A canopy of lights covers the sky, as neighbors string lights between their houses, even crossing the street. It is an amazing sight to behold! (click here more narrative)

Many other Austin individuals and neighborhoods collaborate to make Austin the premier hot spot for yuletide light displays, and many examples are included here. We've tried to put enough info on the image itself to get you in the neighborhood. But if you can't find something, just drive around, you're bound to find something worth seeing, I gar-own-teeee!

As spectacular as the lights in Austin are, nothing can compare with those in several small towns just west of Austin in the hill country. The community of Marble Falls fills a lakeside park with over a million electric lights, and uses more than a 50,000 Kilowatt-Hours of electricity in the month of December. On my electric bill, that would raise my bill to about $5000 for that one month.

The residents of Johnson City, famous as the home of Lady Bird Johnson (and late President Lyndon Baines Johnson), have gone nuts in recent years, decorating their homes and businesses with an astounding number of lights. The Blanco County Court House (in Johnson City) is covered with more than 100,000 lights. Not far south down the road, in Blanco, TX, you can see the old courthouse, and lots more lights.

Taylor, Texas, located about 30 miles northeast of Austin on HWY 79, surprised us all in 1995 with a real, all-out, no-holds-barred display of lights on the town square... watch out, Marble Falls!

Driving between Houston and Austin on Highway 290, one can see some pretty spectacular displays offered by wayside ranchers, who have spared no expense to entertain passers-by. The displays are clustered to the east and west of Giddings, TX.

And while we haven't pictures yet (but keep watching!), Llano, Texas, located about 50 miles west of Austin on HWY 71, has been purported to have it's own (equally splendid) display of Christmas lights, as has Brady, Texas, on the far west end of Hwy 290, about 90 miles west of Austin.

In past years, tens of thousands have enjoyed the Christmas images here. This year, we ahave over 100 images for your seasonal perusal. (We think this is the largest collection of Christmas Lights on the Internet.) Scroll past the thumbnails on this page to find links to other similiar pages. And if you know of web pages sporting Christmas light images, let us know, and we'll add a link to our hotlist!

Enjoy the pix!

SLIDESHOWS for the impatient!
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Otherwise, keep scrolling downward!

Xmas lights, and family madness

The 100+ images below were placed roughly in the order we took them.
If you want to see them in small groups, organized by neighborhoods, click on one of the links below:
Zilker Park | 37th Street | far south Austin | south Austin | Pflugerville, TX/Dessau | Marble Falls, TX | Johnson City, TX | Taylor, TX |

<-1.. <-2.. <-3.. <-4.. <-5.. <-6>

1. 150 ft. Zilker Tree ....shadow in foreground is 80 year old oak
2. Under the Zilker Tree ...looking up, with 100+ other folks
3. Twirling Under the Zilker Tree ....it's an Austin tradition
4. Zilker Trail of Lights ...entrance archway to an amazing display
5. World Peace ...8 ft sphere on Zilker Park's Trail of Lights
6. Trail of Trees ...in Austin's Trail of Lights

<-7.. <-8.. <-9.. <-10.. <-11.. <-12

7. Angelic Display ....Zilker Park's Trail of Lights
8. Rudolph's Archway ...Trail of Lights
9. Red Tree ....with Zilker Tree in back (about 1/2 mile away)
10. Candles and Wreath ...NOT a double-exposure
11. Amazing Computerized Light Show ...Zilker Trail of Lights
12. Young Pear Tree ...from our own front yard

<-13.. <-14.. <-15.. <-16.. <-17.. <-18

13. Marble Falls Reflected in Lake ....from 1/2 mile away
14. Marble Falls from 500 Feet ...alotta lights
15. Christmas Doves ....Marble Falls, TX
16. Christmas Castle ...Marble Falls, TX
17. Flying Angels ...Marble Falls, TX
18. Poinsettia ...Marble Falls, TX

<-19.. <-20.. <-21. <-22.. <-23.. <-24

19. US Flag, Marble Falls, TX ....What does this have to do with Xmas?
20. Auto Parts ...Marble Falls, TX
21. Ranch Near Marble Falls ....Sorry, I can't remember name (Roper??)
22. Blanco County Court House ...Johnson City, TX
23. Private Home in Johnson City ...with huge Texas Flag
24. Great Live Oaks ...Johnson City, TX

<-25.. <-26.. <-27.. <-28.. <-29.. <-30

25. Private Home in Austin ....in our neighborhood
26. Congress Ave & Capitol Building ...& infamous falling electric tree at 6th St
27. Lighted Row of Trees ....South Lamar Blvd, Austin
28. Sidewalk on 15th Street ...sponsored by a local bank
29. Our House ...or, why I can't pay my light bill
30. Our 1994 Christmas Tree ...grown at Sour Fork Ranch, TX

<-31.. <-32.. <-33.. <-34.. <-35.. <-36

31. Blankenship Advent Log ....from way back in '82
32. Our Christmas Fire ....warm yourself up before you go!
33. Our House 1995 ....the Christmas Lady lives!
34. Our House Again '95 ....another view of Christmas mania
35. Austin's 37th St Neighborhood ....worth a trip every year
36. More 37th Street ....those lights reproduce on their own, ya know!

<-37.. <-38.. <-39.. <-40.. <-41.. <-42

37. a True Christmas Artist's Home ....and Carolyn's fav
38. 37th Street Art ....and watch that electric meter spin!
39. 37 St Spin Mania! ....a 15 ft high wonder...maddog's fav
40. Viva 37th Street! ....see why people come here?
41. A Bird in the Hand ....or is it a car in the bush?
42. 37th Street Yippie ....and so nicely done, too!

<-43.. <-44.. <-45.. <-46.. <-47.. <-48

43. Colonial Style Treat ....or some serious candy canes
44. How to Pretty-Up a Water Tank ....in Pflugerville, TX
45. Nutcracker Suite ....or is it Babes in Toyland?
46. Countryside Surprise! ....for the passer-by's delight
47. Taylor, TX Town Square ....lots, and lots, and lotsa...
48. Taylor City Building ....what a front doorway!

<-49.. <-50.. <-51.. <-52.. <-53.. <-54

49. More Taylor Lights ....no bats in this belfry!
50. Christmas Teepees ....a little revisionist history
51. 19th Century Pioneers ....lit up with 20th century electrons
52. Clipper Art ....we see a lot of ships in central Texas
53. Santa's Train ....or one like it... maybe...
54. A Fittin' Seasonal Message ....from Taylor, Texas, and all of us!

<-55.. <-56.. <-57.. <-58.. <-59.. <-60..

56. Our House Currently ....well, as of the first week of Dec '96
57. Our House Again ....from another angle
58. Another nice Electric Tree ....near Taylor, Texas
59. More 37th Street ....what a neighborhood!
60. 37th Street Overview ....taken from the end of the street
61. Electric Transportation ....and more 37th Street mania

<-62.. <-63.. <-64.. <-65.. <-66.. <-67..

62. Rainbow House ....spectacular, from 37th Strret, of course
63. Santa Potato Head? ...on a FORK, no less!
64. Hyde Park Bar and Grill ....not far from 37th Street
65. Nightmare Before Christmas ....maddog in our front yard
66. Our House 1996 ....the work of the mad Christmas Lady
67. Our House 1996 ....another view

<-68.. <-69.. <-70.. <-71.. <-72.. <-73..

68. Mo' Our House ....mo' lights
69. Our Sidewalk? ...looking out from the front porch!
70. Candy Canes ....and lots of 'em
71. Coffee Can Tree ....this may be my favorite - md
72. Manger Display ....not far from our house
73. Just a Nice Display ....also in our neighborhood

<-74.. <-75.. <-76.. <-77.. <-78.. <-79..

74. Another Neighbor ....it's a great place to live!
75. Where's Fred Live? ...you can't miss it!
76. AMAZING House! ....in far south Austin
77. Family of Snowpeople ....finally! tastefully done illuminated figures
78. Angels on a Ranch Gate ....near Giddings, TX
79. Reflections in the Pond ....also near Giddings

<-80.. <-81.. <-82.. <-83.. <-84.. <-85..

80. A Trucker's Christmas ....near Giddings, TX
81. Pie's Bike ...Julie's and Lonnie's Christmas Masterpiece
82. Our Front Door! ....as decorated by Carolyn
83. Giant Christmas Egg ....Carolyn's Creation
84. Our House ....for 1997, by the Christmas Lady
85. Gorgeous Pear Tree ....by Carolyn and Mother Nature

<-86.. <-87.. <-88.. <-89.. <-90.. <-91..

86. Real Estate Office ....in south Austin, TX
87. Psychedelic Lights ...via long exposure
88. House and Yard ....far south Austin, TX
90 House and Tree ....far south Austin, TX
91. House and Yard ....far south Austin, TX
92. Angels and Choir Boys ....far south Austin, TX

<-93.. <-94.. <-95.. <-96.. <-97.. <-98..

93. Patriotic Tree ....in south Austin, TX
94. Two Houses ...in south Austin
95. Lumenarios ....in south Austin, TX
96. House and Yard ....Pflugerville, TX
97. Toy Soldiers ....Pfugerville, TX
98. Barbed-wire Texas ....Pflugerville, TX

<-99. <-100. <-101. <-102. <-103. <-104.

99. Street View ....Pflugerville, TX
100. Yard Display ...in north Austin, TX
101. Icycles and Canes ....in north Austin, TX
102. Reason for the Season ....in north Austin, TX
103. Bell and Wreath ....in north Austin, TX
104. Lighted Driveway ....in north Austin, TX

<-105. <-106. <-107. <-108. <-109. <-110.

105. Another Driveway ....in north Austin, TX
106. Christmas Deer ...in north Austin, TX
107. A Lighted Cul-de-sac ....in north Austin, TX
108. A Southern Greeting ....in north Austin, TX
109. The Grinch Lives! ....in north Austin, TX
110. Impressive Roof and Yard ....in south Austin, TX

<-111. <-112. <-113. <-114. <-115. <-116.

111. Bright Yard ....in north Austin, TX
112. Subtle Blue Display ...in north Austin, TX
113. Candy Cane Trees .... Johnson City, TX
114. Park Pavillion .... Johnson City, TX
115. Incredible Courthouse .... Johnson City, TX
116. Town Square Store Front .... Johnson City, TX

<-117. <-118. <-119. <-120. <-121. <-122

117. Horse-drawn Sleigh ....Johnson City, TX
118. Spectacular Live Oaks ...Johnson City, TX
119. Christmas Train ....Marble Falls, TX
120. Water-Skiing Santa ....Marble Falls, TX
121. Patriotic Christmas? ....Marble Falls, TX
122. View from 1/2 mile across lake ....Marble Falls, TX

<-123. <-124. <-125. <-126. <-127. <-128

123. Our House, 1999 ...South Austin, TX
124. Incredible Swags ...Austin, TX
125. Another Swaggy View ...Austin, TX
126. Light Rail ...Austin, TX
127. Spooky Christmas Hand ...Austin, TX
128. Santa's Comin' Here! ...Austin, TX

<-129. <-130. <-131. <-132. <-133. <-134

129. Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas ...Austin, TX
130. Holiday Blue Balls ...Austin, TX
131. Waiting for Santa ...Austin, TX
132. Classy driveway and roofline ...Austin, TX
133. Cool Hanging Star ...Austin, TX
134. Beary Christmas-y ...Austin, TX

<-135. <-136. <-137. <-138. <-139. <-140

135. Hey, Where'd Santa go? ...Austin, TX
136. Peace, Brother! ...Austin, TX
137. Astounding Fence ...Austin, TX
138. Ring of Candy Canes ...Austin, TX
139. Poinsietta and Tree ...Austin, TX
140. Poinsietta with Vibrato ...Austin, TX

<-141. <-142. <-143. <-144. <-145. <-146

141. Not a Charlie Brown Tree ...Austin, TX
142. Small House, Maximum Effect ...Austin, TX
143. Nebular Poinsiettas ...Austin, TX
144. Overhead Lights ...Not-Sure-Where, TX
145. Walkway of Lights 1999 ...Marble Falls, TX
146. Big Electric Tree ...Marble Falls, TX

<-147. <-148. <-149. <-150. <-151. <-152

147. Eight Not-So-Tiny Reindeer ...Marble Falls, TX
148. Christmas Bells ...Marble Falls, TX
149. Christmas Sleigh -er- Stagecoach ...Marble Falls, TX
150. A Tex-mas Greeting ...Marble Falls, TX
151. Big Present ...Marble Falls, TX
152. Angels on High ...Marble Falls, TX

<-153. <-154. <-155. <-156. <-157. <-158

153. Wiseman ...Marble Falls, TX
154. Nativity ...Marble Falls, TX
155. Airborne Santa ...Marble Falls, TX
156. Santa's Steamin' Now ...Marble Falls, TX
157. North Pole Express ...Marble Falls, TX
158. Tunnel of Lights ...Marble Falls, TX

<-159. <-160. <-161.

159. Roper Ranch ...near Marble Falls, TX
160. Red Tree ...Not-Sure, TX
161. Merry Christmas, Y'all ...Austin, TX

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...our own links to more Christmas lights...
...our own links to more Christmas lights...

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