Currently, I am happily employed... but I'm not married to my employer (wink). So if you think you have a job for me that's really up my alley, that I simply couldn't pass up, feel free to e-mail me, and include a job description. Central Texas only, please (not DFW or Houston - sorry!) Please don't contact me about software development, or semiconductor fabrication. This is not my main forte. I love hardware and system design (analog, digital, and RF), and am particularly fond of embedded applications. I'm software literate, but not software inclined; some programming goes with the job, and I enjoy it in small doses. But I'm especially proficient and experienced at system and board-level design, whereby one figures out how to take a bunch of itty-bitty components and make something that works, and works well, cheaply and reliably.

Additionally, I'm not a degreed or licensed electronics engineer, although I do much the same job. If the prospective employer has a senior engineer or professional engineer on staff to act as "supervisor" (for legal reasons), I can work with minimal supervison on system and detail level design, providing that employer with a premium and experienced engineer-equivalent at reasonable costs.

What follows is the HTML-version of my resume. You'll also find links to Microsoft-Word copies, in 1, 2, or 3-page versions (as you desire).

Thanks for looking me up!

MS Word versions of this resume:
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Austin, Texas

Electronics Engineer* / Engineering Technician
(* not a licensed Professional Engineer)


design and development: embedded systems architecture; analog/digital integration; system, board, and component level design; diagnostics programming; excellent verbal skills (both written and oral); excellent project management skills; substantial electronics background
(1984 - Present):
BAE SYSTEMS [formerly Marconi NA; formerly Tracor Applied Sciences, Inc] (6500 Tracor Lane, Austin, TX 78725)

Title: Systems Analyst III [advanced from: Electronics Engineer II, Engineering Technician, Senior Technician]

Participated in all phases of development of new electronic systems including design, production, and testing. Systems included military and commercial signal-processing, image-processing, and data-recording systems.

Currently redeveloping obsolete 56000-based DSP board for real-time low-noise acoustic measurements, to support full-spectrum audio FFTs and audio digital recording. Furthermore, the design adds low-noise multi-weighted front-end filters and flexible automatic closed-loop B.I.T. (in hardware), all software selectable. Included are designs for three vendor-specific industrial and laboratory-grade acoustic sensors, and all associated embedded power supplies. Personal responsibilities include board level (block diagram and schematic) design, SPICE simulation of critical circuitry, detail design of multi-pole analog filters, mixed signal circuitry, low-noise switching power supplies, power-control circuitry, and DSP interface; parts selection and specification, and production/procurement coordination and supervision.

Recently completed design responsibilities included the development of a PC/104 compliant embedded system to replace an outdated design in BAE SYSTEMS's Airport Noise Monitoring Terminal (a real-time data logger). Features included 12 and 16-bit A/Ds, analog signal processing, and digital design to support DSP communications, on-board non-volatile memory, real-time clock, embedded modem, and custom multiple hardware interrupts. Developed and coded diagnostic routines written in C, and C++, and authored supporting documentation and CAD drawings. Managed and supervised production and testing of this and associated equipment, in six months from architectural design to first production run.

Previous project responsibilities included the development of a system architecture which was adopted for use in a high-speed, high-capacity data recorder for an underwater application for the US Navy in their SMTD (Submarine Torpedo Defense) program. The hardware architecture supported multi-processing on a 20-slot high-speed 16-bit data bus, with 4 Gigabyte address structure, multiple DMA capability, and fully-vectored multiple interrupts. The data recorder was designed, developed, and produced in two breadboard and three full-function prototypes, successfully tested, and delivered to the customer in two years.

Personal accomplishments include the detail design and production supervision of several special purpose circuit card assemblies, including a 68340-based single board computer, battery and line-operated power supplies, high-density static memory boards (to 330 KB/in2), and high-speed, high-capacity A/D boards. Technologies included multi-layer (to 10 layers), double-sided surface mount printed circuits, multi-layer (to 16 layers) flex circuits, 19-mil pitch IC's, 50-mil pitch connectoring, and both discrete and programmable logic including FPGA's.

Personal participation in several projects resulted in successful, on-time delivery of special purpose electronic systems. The design of a circuit board to interface the Klein high-resolution side-scan SONAR to Tracor's Target Signal Processor system, and the mechanical design for the same project, resulted in a unit which has been marketed internationally for years. In yet another Navy contract, personal expertise in pulse transformer design resulted in a reliable sonar transmitter that has been in service for many years in many applications with virtually no failures.

In addition to design responsibilities, the duties which accompany most prototypical and production development were performed. This included breadboarding and debugging circuitry, supervision of and participation in fabrication processes such as printed circuit development, machining, and assembly, and documentation. Documentation included CAD (mechanical, schematic-capture, programmable logic) and conventionally-generated drawings, proposals, and operation/ maintenance manuals. Programming for diagnostics and analyses encompassed assembly language (68K), Unix scripts, C, and C++, and PSPICE.

(1981 - 1984)
AUSTIN MICROWAVE CORP. (1907 Hydro, Austin, TX 78728 - out of business)
Title : Senior Electronics Technician :
Participated in all phases of fabrication of custom electronic systems from design to final testing. Included military and commercial microwave RADAR systems and subsystems, and special-purpose linear and switching powers supplies to support same. Responsibilities included design, fabrication, debugging, testing, and documentation. Technologies included RCS (Radar-Cross-Section) measurement, millimeter-wave technology (to 150 GHz pulse and CW), RF signal processing, digital logic, and analog circuitry from DC to 100 MHz. Power technology included bipolar, power FET, and vacuum tube, linear and switching.
(1975 - 1981)
UNITED STATES AIR FORCE (last duty station : Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX)
Title: Avionics Communications Technician

(1974 - 1975)
ENDICOTT- JOHNSON CORP. (Endicott, NY); Title: Electronic Technician

(1971 - 1974)
Title: Restaurant Manager

IBM (Endicott, NY);
Cooperative Work Positions (College work-study)

A.A.S. Electrical Technology, Sept 1971
Broome Technical Community College, Binghamton, New York
Graduated in top 25% of class

USAF Avionics Communications Specialist Course, Jan 1976
completed 30 week course in 15 weeks while maintaining a 98% grade average.

Computer Programming Related Courses, Austin Community College, Austin, TX
Intermediate C++ (Fall, 1995) Final Grade: 4.0/4.0
Advanced C++ for Object Oriented Programming (Fall, 1996) Final Grade: 4.0/4.0
Unix Programming (Summer, 1997) Final Grade: 4.0/4.0
Advanced C++ for Visual Applications (i.e., MFC) (Fall, 1997) Final Grade: 4.0/4.0

FCC General Radio Telephone License with RADAR endorsement (formerly First Class Commercial);
FCC Amateur Radio Extra Class License, call N5FC
SSGT, USAF; AF Commendation Medal, 1981; Honorable Discharge, July 1981.
Health is excellent; married; one child (grown)


volunteer work with Austin Comprehensive Hospice Program (1984-1989);
volunteer group facilitator with Austin Center for Attitudinal Healing (1988-1997)

REFERENCES and/or salary history will be furnished on request

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