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Tips for working with Mustek CG-8400 hand scanner and Micrografx PhotoMagic Software (Windows 3.1 version)

1. In Photomagic, Select 'File|Acquire';

2. From the scan setup dialog box, adjust the length of scan as necessary.

Note: Make sure you're in the scan mode you think you're in. I scan my images in Super Color Graphics mode. For jumbo (4" x 6") sized photos, I usually scan at 100dpi. Make sure the indicators in this dialog box reflect your desired setting, and that the setting in the dialog box matches the setting on the hand scanner itself. There is a potentiometer (light/dark control) on the side of the scanner. I almost always leave this in the mid-way position.

3. Select 'Scan'

4. Notice that the white scan light turns ON (on bottom of hand scanner), and warm-up period (dialog box) begins.

5. Wait for warm-up period to stop and little "scanner icon" to appear in dialog box.

NOTE: After the little "scanner icon" appears, you only have about 5-10 seconds to start scanning; If you wait too long, nothing will happen (it's a feature !!?)

6. Press the button on the hand scanner once, (or press it and hold it), and notice that the little red LED on the scanner button lights, then drag the scanner. The picture (or the leftmost portion of it ) should begin to appear on the screen line-by-line as you drag it.

7. When you are done, hit the space bar.

8. The step sequence is NOT very forgiving, but if you make a mistake and do something out of order, just hit the space bar and cancel, then go back to step 1.

I hope this helps. Also, the scanner is very sensitive to dust particles on the lens, which will appear as faint (or not-so-faint) grey-ish lines lengthwise on the scanned image. If you turn the scanner over, and if you are VERY careful, you can un-snap the plastic lense cover and clean it with a very soft lintless cloth (like cheese cloth - but no synthetics, which will scratch the lens, and no chemicals, unless you REALLY know what you're doing).

Additionally, it might be worth it to buy one of those "scanning accessory kits" that have a little cardboard or plastic frame for keeping the scanner straight as you drag it, and include a sheet of clear acrylic sheet to put your photos under, so that neither your scanner lense nor your photo get scratched up. A scratch on your scanner lens is going to SERIOUSLY degrade the quality of your scanned image, so find a soft cloth bag or something similar in which to store the hand scanner.

For those having persistent problems getting the scanner to work at all, try getting the latest version TWAIN driver from Mustek. They have a web page as of Dec 95:, and they have a BBS-type file archive. Their phone numbers are given below. (The driver I use is file "HS204.EXE" for Windows 3.1)

Mustek phone numbers:
Tech Support = (714) 250-8855
BBS = (714) 250-4263

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