Come on in 'n' meet
... Sophia! ...

Born March 11, 1997 to parents Gina and Charles
(Gina is Carolyn's oldest daughter, and Sophie is our first grandchild)
Click here to listen to Sophie sing at age 20 months! (180K, 16 secs)
Can this really be Sophie? Maybe, maybe not... but here's the mystery!

Here are some pictures!!!
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the first few days
Sophia & Daddy Sophia & Mommy Sophia Sophia & Glen Sophia

the first month of life:
pack shoulder Sophia

Sophie's christening July 97:

Sophie, family, and toys July 97:

Sophie's 6-month pictures, Sept 97:

Sophie in Cloudcroft, NM, Sept 97:

Formal pictures, Nov 97:

Sophie's First Christmas, Austin, TX, '97:

At home, April 98:

Sophie's Visit, Austin, TX, July '98:

Sophie's Visit, Austin, TX, Sept '98:

Sophie at home, August thru October, 1999, including Holloween Bumblebee:

Family Pix, Pre-Christmas, 1999:

Christmas 1999, in Austin, TX

March 2000 Visit to Austin, TX

March 2000; some shots of Sophie and Sydney together: ... leave e-mail for Sophie's Mom and Dad...
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