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Hi! We're Carolyn Blankenship and Monty Northrup. We're just regular ol' people, with a passion for sharing ourselves with others. This web site is one vehicle for that.

We're really glad you joined us! We think we have a pretty uniquely interesting web site. There's something for just about everybody here, and if you spend a little time digging, you're bound to find something that makes you smile.

Images and information are what really make the Internet shine, and we have some of both here, although our scanned photography seems to be what keeps our visitors coming back. We have over a hundred images of Texas wildflowers, one of the largest collections of such images on the Internet. Each image was taken with our own itty-bitty camera, scanned on our own cheapy-eeky scanner, and posted in our own rinky-dinky web pages. But it doesn't stop with flowers. We have a pretty amusing collection of Texas roadsigns, all of which we found on our flower jaunts; some of 'em are funny, some of 'em are just plain weird. There are images of nature's and man's wonders from around Texas, including some pretty amazing animals, clouds, sunsets and sunrises, and a collection of images of Texas Fall Colors (yes, we do have 'em!). Rounding it all off, to honor the amazingly creative work of holiday-fanatics in Texas, we have an eye-popping collection of christmas light displays from around central Texas.

Family is important to us. We find that the Internet helps us to share ourselves more frequently and effectively with extended family, in a world whose mobility and busy-ness seems to plot to keep us all apart. When we became grandparents, the physical distances between us and our family hit us like a ton of bricks. We decided that by sharing pictures of our grandchildren's development, the distant fragments of our family might be brought closer together in spirit. So we post numerous pictures of our darling granddaughters Sophie and Sydney. We know you'll agree with their button-bustin-proud grandparents (that would be us), that these two little girls are the most photogenic creatures on the planet (next to your own grandchildren, of course).

One of our pet projects in life and on the Internet is the exploration and practice of "Attitudinal Healing", based on a philosophy called A Course in Miracles. We've provided an extensive web site on the subject, which includes some explanatory and motivational narratives, and a pretty nice collection of personal practice exercises. This is strictly non-commercial, in keeping with the rest of our site. If you've noticed your personal happiness is waning of late, you might benefit from looking into Attitudinal Healing.

Why "Maddog 'n' Miracles"? One day, mainly to torture me (Monty), two dear friends were trying to figure out what my middle initial (D.) stood for. As I didn't have it in my wicked self to reveal it, they proceeded to create their own version of my name. Among others (that won't be revealed here), they were particularly pleased with "Mad Dog" (for M.D.), because it decidedly didn't fit their image of me. I guess this is the same reason Slim Pickens got his nickname (it sure wasn't because he was skinny). Anyway, they didn't know me in my previous life (before Attitudinal Healing and A Course in Miracles), when the nickname would have been quite apropo, but I remember well. Anyway, don't let anyone tell you that people can't change. It took a miracle, but miracles are available for the miniscule price of simple willingness. Now, not a day goes by when Carolyn and I don't see miracles all around us. Life is kind and good, if you're willing to see it that way. "Maddog 'n' Miracles"? You bet!

Monty thinks the Internet will one day be seen as a historical milestone in human development, not for its technical accomplishments, but as a dynamic doorway to communications and global connectivity. Just as the Renaissance marked a quantum leap in intellectual and artistic development, we think the Internet provides the potential for a similiar shift in collective creativity. Never before has the exchange of information and ideas been so easy, and so readily available across political, social, and economic boundaries. Did you know that it's astoundingly easy to build a web page with just the free text editor that comes with the operating system of your computer? These pages are an example of that, and it's not hard to do better, given time and motivation. To encourage children, octegenarians, and other real people to express themselves on the Internet, we've built a step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson course in cheap-and-easy web development, called HTML for Real People.

Both of us love words, and the power of words to impart the essence of what cannot be expressed in words. If you're intrigued in the same way, you might want to look over some of our poetry and poetic prose.

Whatever brought you to our site, we're delighted you stopped by. Feel free to provide encouragement and feedback, and if you enjoy your visit, please tell others.

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