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Our daughter, Iolanthe Lynn Cayce McCoy, was born at 20:51 2/17/2000.  I'm not really able to do much right now with putting up pcitures of her, since we're kind of away from convenient net access -- this should change in a week or so.  I do have two pictures, though (and they really need to be fixed up in Painter, but I don't have time for that):

Io-chan and father

 Io-chan and mother

Free Speech Online

I was one of the plaintiffs in the Steve Jackson Games vs. US Secret Service case, which involved illegal government invasion of online privacy rights, among other things. I am also a supporter of the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign sponsored by the EFF and others.

Countdown   to   Supreme Court Decision in the CDA case

Gaming Stuff

I was a co-author (with Elizabeth McCoy) of GURPS Illuminati University. I also wrote one of the adventures in GURPS Fantasy Adventures, Sahudese Fire Drill. I also authored several Roleplayer articles.

One of these years, I'll probably put in some pages here with starship and robot designs for GURPS, and maybe some other things, like star sector databases and maps, and maybe even some software gaming aids. Someday....

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