The following was written by Charles Thumann ( I'm not sure it has any value in terms of illustrating how the game works, but it sure is a neat piece of Fantasian propaganda.


NIYU BUSENYA, UGUSLAV QUADRANT Citizens, our comrades have dealt a crushing blow to the Machines on the vital strategic choke-point in the Uguslav hyperspace lanes. In Niyu Busenya, where a battle of attrition has been raging for three years, a new, major offensive has just succeeded in transforming the battlefield. Roaming tanks traded death-blows behind thunderous artillery as the advanced products of our military-industrial workers punished the Machines for threatening our State! And once the smoke cleared our fearless infantry stepped forth from their trenches and patrolled the forest to establish the extant of our victory. This reporter accompanied one such platoon, the Sergeant of which, when asked, replied "it is not matter of bravery, or fearlessness, or even foolhardiness. It is a matter of trust. Trust that the State is watching." And the State was watching, the people were watching, for I was watching and I report to the people! Not long after we set forth we ran into heavy resistance--gunfire barked from the forest as an advancing machine horde tried to pin us down. But with the fierceness born of nationalism our own brave heros drove them back, our giant BT troopers advancing through a dry wash behind the thundering reports of their KPV auto- cannon. Three-quarters of their squad killed in an ambush, a lone Seargeant held our platoon's flank with the aid of a sniper and a few well-placed gauss grenades. And in the highlands RPK gunners trapped advancing Runaways between two separate lines of suppression. Despite their initial successes even the mindless Machines were forced to admit defeat, and retreat deeper into the woods. But rather than wasting time pursuing, the Platoon Sergeant marched his squad from the highlands, lay down in the wash and declared: "this is the new front line." All told, the twenty-four hour offensive had expended 10,000 Roobuls worth of ordnance, cost 1,000,000 Roobuls in destroyed tanks and equipment, and cost a mere 500,000 lives. And we advanced our front line a full 100 yards! Workers of the Universe rejoice, for it was a glorious day for Fantasia!
Despite the ceaseless vigilance of our statisticians and fact-finders, occasionally we fail to catch inconsistancies in articles before they are sent to the printers. Fortunately the friendly agents of Securidad are willing to correct our mistakes. The above statistics should have read "250,000 Roobuls in destroyed tanks and equipment, and cost a mere 500 dead and 1,500 wounded." We apologize for the misleading information. And rest assured, the author of the above article is being disciplined.

--Editors of "Workers of the State"

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