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To: Marcus Redly, CAT Eavesdropping Station, UNE Naval Intelligence
From: Ella Martin, Support Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Naval Infantry Regiment
Re: Intelligence Request on Open Fantasian Media


Marcus, attached is a part of the transcript recorded from the "closed-door" court-martial of 2nd Powered Infantry Section, 4th Platoon, Echo Company. You know those Commandos, they got some big-time general watching over them, so they're untouchable, which means our boys in Naval Infantry have been set up to take the fall. You think you could eavesdrop on official State Telesensor and find something that might get our boys off the hook?

PLAYBACK C/ cont// ref 9:48:37

"We were already en-route to the hot zone when the orders came down--"

"Were those written orders, Sergeant?"

"No, Councilor, they were verbal, but they were straight from the Major himself--"

"So the only written orders you had were to stop the Machines raiding force from advancing through Urban Sector 317 and joining their brethren to defend Junction Point, correct?"

"But it turned out that Urban Sector 317--"

"Is that correct, Sergeant?"

"That is correct."

"Council requests that the bench note the Sergeant's answer. Proceed, Sergeant."

"Well, all of a sudden Major Kurtz' voice comes over the squacker, ordering us to land the transport and pick up some of his Commando boys--Mad Dog Section, he says. Well, hell, we've all heard of Mad Dog Section, I mean, who hasn't right? I mean all Commandos are nuts, right, but these guys are true psychopaths. Born to die, live to fight, all that crap. So we're told to land and pick these boys up, and then we're ordered to aid and assist them in their primary objective. That was our new orders. To aid and assist."

"And what was Mad Dog Section's primary objective?"

"Well you know where Corporal Jones was from, right? He was from Mad Dog Section..."

"Council be advised that Corporal Jones is the Commando who, acting under secret orders from Major Kurtz, was responsible for the deaths of a Fantasian Corporal and two Fantasian Stormtroopers 9 days ago in Sector 3487 of the Junction Point Machine Factory. The Fantasian deaths has precipitated a major international incident. UNE Military Police put him under house arrest but we denied the Fantasians his extradition. Three days after the incident he was kidnapped in a Stormtrooper raid and held in Ghon Politz captivity, where until yesterday he awaited trial before a State Tribunal. Proceed, Sergeant."

"Well some braniac in intel figured out that the hot zone--the place we were gonna intercept this Machine raiding force--was right smack in front of Ghon Politz Field Precinct 12. Some coincidence, huh? And you know Commandos, they take that esprit de corps stuff pretty seriously, so Major Heart cooked up this scheme to spring Jones from Fantasian captivity. We advance to the Ghon Politz Precinct under the auspices of intercepting the machines, we carve a path for the Commandos righ to the Precinct's doors, and then they raid the place, demolition his cell door and get him the heck out."

"Did Mad Dog Section anticipate Fantasian resistance?"

"Of course they did. Who wouldn't? For them all Fantasian Targets were sanctioned."

"Did they conclude any Fantasians?"

"Didn't have to. We got there a little late, since we had to stop and pick up Mad Dog. By the time we arrived the Walrus GBA Security Team and their Stormtrooper Morale Squad were already involved in a real fierce firefight with the machines. Sergeant Ripley immediately ordered her Recce Section to jump up onto the rooftop of this office building, where she relieved some of the pressure off the Fantasians by frying a few Nightmares' circuits with RAM lasers. But her position wasn't very well-covered, and she lost about half her section before giving up the position. We did the best we could, dropping grenades where she told us to, and I guess we took out some Predators because their icons disappeared on our status screens. But it was really the Fantasians that stopped them. Stopped the whole machine force, practically Those Fantasians are tenacious SOB's, all give them that. A single Stormtrooper armed with a PKM was sniping from the Precinct roof, and he must have taken out four or five targets before getting tagged. And the Kommissar and Starshina let loose with a one-two punch of those Sagger Missiles they carry around on their backs, turning a Mark IA1 into slag. There was no escape from their positions, though, the Kommissar knew what he was doing. He didn't give his troops an opportunity to retreat. He figured this was a fight to the death and I guess he figured right."

"And what was Mad Dog Section doing during this?"

"Advancing in formation. The buildings were so dense they practically didn't have to show their heads until they were right on top of the Precinct's front doors. It was slower the way they were doing it, but that Sergeant Hodge is a real cold bastard--didn't matter to him that Fantasians were laying down their lives in front of Machine deadbolt launchers. So the Kommissar obviously detects the Commandos and figures out what they're up to 'cause all of a sudden the Fantasian channel opens up with all sorts of chatter--he's calling in reinforcements, pronto. And I don't know how he did it, he must have some real slick EW teams working Security, but all of a sudden this Walrus Powered Infantry Section ends up right behind and practically on top of the Machine Assault Horde--a single squad trying to ambush an Assault Horde for cripe's sake! I guess the Kommissar decided the Assault Horde was the only thing between him and an honorable retreat with the prisoner back into uncontested Fantasian territory, but it was sick the way he ordered that PI Squad to certain death. So these Walrus' come in behind a salvo of MASLAW and RPG fire, with a quick gauss grenade follow-up. Even though they were point-blank on top of them they only managed to damage one of the Mark Is and the Mark II, but didn't actually take anything down. So the Machines turn around, march right through the electro-magnetic pulse field and rip the poor bastards apart. To the Fantasians' credit they did manage to take down the damaged Mark I and Mark II as well as most of the predators, but hell, they never had a chance really. All they did was make our job of mop-up that much easier."

"And what about Mad Dog section? How did they rescue Corporal Jones?"

"They see the Fantasians trying to pull him out of the building and all of a sudden, just like that, all that Commando caution goes out the window. They start sprinting like crazy and throw themselves in front of the Walrus', cutting off the last of the Security Horde's Nightmares. With all due respect, sir, Mad Dog Section deserves its reputation. I don't know how they fire those blasters so accurately, but they took down those Nightmares at long range without suffering a single casualty. I was impressed, and so were the Fantasians. They were down to a Corporal and 3 Stormtroopers and there was no hope really. The Kommissar was dead by that point, killed by a Succubot that he let get to close, so the Stormtroopers realized they were beat and gave him up. They knew they were sanctioned targets. They knew Mad Dog section wasn't just screwing around. Hodge has this real serious way about him, you know?"

"Council requests permission to address the bench directly."

"Permission granted."

"It is my recommendation that Sergeant Jaglow be stripped of his rank and dishonorably discharged from these armed forces. Major Kurtz is a megalomaniac who has somehow managed to surround himself with troops loyal only to him and themselves. Because Major Kurtz has friends among the General Chief of Staff, it is impossible to take punitive action directly against his own Commandos. But the United Nations of the Earth armed forces can not afford to have rogue battalions such as Major Kurtz' operate without the proper chain of command. Since we can't discipline Kurtz or his own troops, perhaps we can make non-commissioned officers like Sergeant Jaglow here think twice before aiding and abetting Major Kurtz' criminal activities."

"Now hold on, counciler, as Sergeant Jaglow has testified Mad Dog Section, as well as Jaglow's own section, performed with exempolary competence. They didn't kill a single Fantasian, stopped the Machines cold, and managed to rescue one of our own from a lifetime on Gulag. Now I don't know how they act in the British Isles, but back in my home town they throw you a ticker-tape parade for that kind of heroism..."

"But with all due respect, Admiral, we do not know the full consequences of their actions...the so-called rescue of Corporal Jones could be seen as a blatant disregard to Fantasian sovereignty or possibly even an act of war."

"But we don't know, do we councilor? Until we do I will withhold my decision. Hearing adjurned."


To: Ella Martin, Support Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Naval Infantry Regiment
From: Marcus Redly, CAT Eavesdropping Station, UNE Naval Intelligence
Re: Intelligence Request on Open Fantasian Media


Well, Ella, here's something that oughta brighten your day--and get that boy Jaglow off the hook. This is the latest on Fantasian State Telesensor. Who woulda figured? Guess there are advantages to controlled media, after all...

PLAYBACK F//010022203340/

In other news, our Fantasian Heroes battling on Junction Point continue to impress our allies with their fortitude against the machines. Seven hours ago a Machine raiding force penetrated the United Nations of the Earth Naval Blockade of the planet in an attempt to relieve the overlord computer under siege below the planet's surface. But the raiding machines were stopped cold by members of the Fantasian 3rd JEF almost without aid from their allies. Kommissar Czadt, who held his Field Politz Precinct against a continual onslaught of the Machines, was presented the prestigious Guards Awards Badge. Although the Kommissar's armor was destroyed in the fighting, the hero himself was uscathed in the fighting and has sworn to continue his crusade against the tireless machines.

In a related story, the man who has come to be known throughout Fantasian Space as "the Traitorous Monkey-Boy Jones" will have to find a new nickname. A State Tribunal, representing our working class, has reviewed the evidence accrued against the Terran and found him innocent. In a miracle of Fantasian ingenuity technicians discovered new Rekorder data that determined Corporal Kedya and Troopers Tchoken and Vlekt were killed not by a K-Pulse grenade, but rather a machine disruptor grenade. Corporal Jones was absolved of his charges and promptly returned to his Terran unit, where, we have been told, he has returned to active duty. The Terrans were greatful of our typical Fantasian commitment to fair trials and adequate justice, as well as our efficiency in reaching a verdict--Earth trials, we are told, sometimes last for an entire yearly cycle. So once again the 3rd JEF has served to impress our allies, and perhaps will eventually convince them of the superiority of government by and for the working class.

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