He Wanted to Die

"Answer me!!!" The Kommissar's power-armored slap knocked the stormtrooper's head about violently. "How is it that your squad not only failed miserably in their mission, but you are the only survivor!"

"Kommisar, you must believe me... I have never seen such unmitigated bravery from a Stormtrooper as I saw that night... as for the Starshina, I can only think he wanted to die."

"We received orders to ambush the machine transport, and moved out quickly, setting up the ambush at the end of a rather long stretch of dirt road. Despite the plentyfull cover, Starshina Brondsky stood in the middle of the road. He figured the KPV he installed on his T85/34's right arm hardpoint would make short work of the tank in the 20 seconds it would take the transport to reach him. He instructed Natynia, an Angeleater assigned to his command for the duration, to support him during the attack... can you imagine that? Leaving a T85/37 on support duty when your trying to kill a tank? I'd always figured Brondsky was insane..."

"And you and the rest of the Stormtroopers... what were you to do?"

"Brondsky assigned us to run down the length of the road, under cover, to slow down any infantry escort. The one thing he had right, he didn't want to tangle with any machines, just take out the target and leave..."

"And did you perform your duty?"

"Brondsky misjudged the speed of the tank, it arrived before we could set up the ambush. my squad and I took off at a full run, the Corporal and Harakla, one of the PPSH gunners down the left flank, and myself, the second ppsh trooper, and our PKM gunner down the right flank. By the time we reached engagement range with the Rifle Squad escorting the vehicle, Brondksy, Natynia, and the Sniper were all dead! The Succubot leading the machines spotted us, and nightmare's began to split off fromt the main pack to engage us.

"I protected the PKM gunner with Gauss Fields and SS-2000 bursts, killing 2 nightmares just before they could claw him to death! He managed to take out a wheel on the vehicle, but it kept going all the same. That was when Boris, the PPSH gunner with us, sprinted into the middle of the road, climbed an top of the tank, stuck his gun into the firing slit, and emptied his gun... the machine's must have hidden the pilot really well, because the tank didn't even slow down for him, just kept driving off til it was out of range... when I ran out of gauss grenades I retreated, all my komrades long since dead..."

At OrcCon20, in Los Angeles, many acts of bravery took place. To my knowledge, my Starshina standing in the middle of the road, and my ppsh gunner rolling 2 5's when he needed 2 sixes to score a kill on the tank, will stand forever as a testament not to play when you can hardly stay awake, your strategy tends to fail you ;-)

Written by Brian Lojeck (lojeck@usc.edu).

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