Warhammer 40,000 in Legions of Steel

Warhammer 40K is a registered trademark of Games Workshop. Legions of Steel is a registered trademark of Global Games. No infringement is intended by this work.
Warhammer 40K is copyrighted by Games Workshop. Legions of Steel is copyrighted by Global Games. What's left is coyprighted by Mark Langsdorf.
I don't play Warhammer 40K, I think it is silly. I do play Legions of Steel. I'm writing these rules since there are rules to play Warhammer 40K in every other game system, so why not Legions of Steel?
These rules are an attempt to convert Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K figures into Global Game's Legions of Steel terminology. These rules are based off of Legions of Steel: Planetstorm and use that game's terminology for weapon effects and general modifiers. Unless otherwise specified, no special rules apply to Warhammer units in Legions of Steel.

It is suggested that Warhammer 40K figures in Legions of Steel retain their normal point values for convenience. This may be updated at a later date.

These rules are not completely fleshed out, and may be expanded upon at some later date. They are based on a mathematical analysis of Warhammer 40K and not upon the WH40K "background" text. Only the Warhammer 40K boxed set and Legions of Steel, Advanced Rules, and Planetstorm were used to construct these rules.

These rules could be played with the Planetstorm rule book, but purchase of the Legions of Steel boxed set and Advanced rule book are highly recommended.

General Rules

The turn sequence, initiative, movement, combat, command, and terrain rules are all taken directly from Legions of Steel: Planetstorm. 40K figures can run and fire, for example, or take covering fire after moving.

Add the psychic phase to the initial phase of each turn. Deal power cards as per Dark Millenium and play them at any point during the turn. Read the ranges and areas of effect normally.

Melee weapons have a rate of fire equal to the normal number of attacks for that figure type, plus one additional die for every 2 points of WS above 3. Secondary weapons allow one additional close-combat fire action at RoF 1.

Warhammer 40K Units: Legions of Steel Figure Profiles

Space Marines

The Empire of Man's Space Marines are rather dangerous against their normal foes, but their weapons are weak and inaccurate compared to the lasers and force beams of the League of Aliens and the Machines.

The standard Space Marine tactical unit is a 10-man squad, commanded by a sergeant. Up to 12 figures can be included in any one command.

FigureMoveGen. Mod.Kills Ldr PtsHero PtsCommand PtsSpecial
Captain/Commander4+12 122Has two fire actions when stationary
Veteran Sergeant4+11 210Has two fire actions when stationary
Apothecary4+11 110Has two fire actions when stationary
Chaplain4+11 or 2 30-20Has two fire actions when stationary. Cannot be affected by kill rolls of 3 or less.
Techmarine4+11 000Has two fire actions when stationary
Librarian4+11-3 000Has two fire actions when stationary. Psychic powers.
Terminator4+12 000Has two fire actions when stationary. Light vehicle that moves as powered infantry.
Trooper4+11 000Has two fire actions when stationary
Scout401 000Has two fire actions when stationary
Sergeant4+11 200Has two fire actions when stationary
Servitor4-21 000Has two fire actions when stationary

Imperial Guard

The vast bulk of the Imperial Guard is normally fodder for the foes of the Imperium. Against the Machines or the Black Empire, the Guard can only hope to overwhelm with numbers.

When firing upon Rough Riders, randomize the hits between the horses and the men. In the horse dies, the rider is killed on a 5+. If the rider survives, the figure loses its movement and fire actions until its next activation, when it is pinned. On the other hand, the dead horse provides light cover for the rider.

The standard tactical unit of the Imperial Guard is a collection of up to 16 men led by a lieutenant.

FigureMoveGen. Mod.Kills Ldr PtsHero PtsCommand PtsSpecial
Colonel402 013
Commissar402 111
Tech Priest401 000
Lieutenant401 002
Trooper4-21 000
Rough Rider4-21 000
Horse8-11 000
Ogryns6-11 000
Assassins6-12 030Cannot be affected by kill rolls of 3 or less.


Lightly armed and abysmally armored, the Orks can only hope to overwhelm the opponent with numbers, or somehow manage to make it into melee range.

Ork units can include up to 24 figures in one unruly mass.
FigureMoveGen. Mod.Kills Ldr PtsHero PtsCommand PtsSpecial
Warboss4-12 023
Standard4-11 000
Kaptin or Bigboss4-11 210
Nob4-11 200
Oddboyz4-11 100
Orks4-11 000
Gretchin4-21 000
Snotlings4-32 000+1 Penalty on all kill rolls
Stormboyz4-21 010


The Eldar, with the light armor and rapid movement, are roughly equivalent of the Fantasians. Their shuriken catapults are somewhat like a short range version of the Flechette Automatic Weapon of the UNE.

Eldar units cannot consist of more than six figures.

FigureMoveGen. Mod.Kills Ldr PtsHero PtsCommand PtsSpecial
Farseer50*2 123To Kill number is never better than 4+
Avatar62LV*6 033Light Vehicle. Moves as Colossus. Immune to flame weapons. To Kill number is never better than 4+. -1 bonus on all kill rolls.
Exarchs511 030
Warlocks50*1-2 010To Kill number never exceeds 4+
Harlequin6-21 020
Dire Avengers501 000
Fire Dragons501 000
Howling Banshees601 000
Stinging Scorpions501 000
Swooping Hawks5-11 00020" Jump movement
Reapers401 000
Guardians and Scouts5-11 000
Guardian Leaders5-11 100


The tyranids, with their fast move, carnifexes, and deadly deathspitters, plus their awesome hand-to-hand capabilities, are one of the few 40K forces that pose a significant threat to the armies of the LOA, the Machines, or the Black Empire.

Tyranid units can contain up to 8 figures.

FigureMoveGen. Mod.Kills Ldr PtsHero PtsCommand PtsSpecial
Hive Tyrant614 021
Tyranid Warriors601 200
Termangants6-21 000
Genestealers6-11 000
Carnifex62LV8 100Moves as a Colossus

Warhammer 40K Weapons: Legions of Steel Firing Chart

Melee Weapons
Bonesword*-1-- ---
Chainfist*+21--- ---Ignores PI, LV General Modifiers
Chainsword*---- 1--
Lightning Claws*+1-1-- ---
Mandiblaster1--1- ---Automatically attacks if engaged from front
Power sword*-1-- ---
Power Fist*1--- ---
Hunting Lance*-1-- ---
Thunder Hammer*1*--- ---Ignores all General Modifiers
Sword*---- 1--
Crozius Arcanum*---1 ---
Hand Weapons RoFPB+PBSM LXLXXLNotes
Auto Pistol1---- 81624
Bolt Pistol1---- 81624
Hand Flamer1---- On TargetEdges-Special Area Effect
Las Pistol1---- 81624
Plasma Pistol3--618 2427-Can Only Fire Every Other Turn
Shuriken Pistol1---12 1821-
Stub Pistol1---- -1624
Basic Weapons RoFPB+PBSM LXLXXLNotes
Autogun1--- -122436
Boltgun1--- 12243642
Deathspitter112324450 ---To hit Number Only
1-DH-- -2-Area Effect
Flamer1---If covered Edges--Special Area Effect. No autofire or suppression.
Fleshborer1---- 162428
Grenade Launcher1-206080 90--To Hit Only
Lasgun1-62430 33--
Meltagun4-61218 21--No autofire, spreadfire, or suppression
Needler1---- 324856On a miss by 2 or less, toxin takes effect
Ogryn Ripper Gun5---- 6--Cannot Autofire
Plasma Gun3-62430 33--Fires every other turn. No autofire or suppression
Shuriken Catapult3---24 3642-
Storm Bolter3--- 12243642
Heavy Weapons RoFPB+PBSM LXLXXLNotes
Assault Cannon12-203252 62--Roll 3 dice when firing. If all come up 1, the weapon explodes, killing its user
Heavy Bolter7---- 406070
Hellfire Round1---40- --To Hit with Hellfire. No autofire or suppresion
Hellfire Round1-DH-- 2--Hellfire Area Effect
Heavy Flamer1--If coveredEdges Only ---Special Area Effect. No Autofire or Suppresion
Heavy Plasma, Low Power1--4060 70--Move or Fire. To Hit Only. No autofire or suppression.
3-2-- ---Area Effect.
Heavy Plasma, High Power1--7292 102--Move or Fire. To Hit Only. No autofire or suppression. Fires every other turn.
3-2-- ---Area Effect.
62--- ---Area Effect. Ignores PI GM.
Heavy Stub Gun5---- 406070Move or Fire
Lascannon7608090- ---No spreadfire, autofire, or suppression. Move or Fire. +2 versus Powered Infantry.
Multi-Melta1-122436 42--To hit only. Move or Fire
13--2- ---Area Effect. Ignores PI GM
Multi-las9--2060 8090-Move or Fire
Shuriken Catapult7-204060 70--
Rapier111872100110 ---Move or Fire. 45 Degree Fire Arc. No spreadfire, autofire, or suppression fire. Ignores PI GM
RoF2+3+ 4+5+6+7+ 8+Specials