Rules for ALIENS in Legions of Steel

Written by Tony H. Lin (
(standard disclaimer: Legions of Steel is copyright Global Games. Aliens is trademark Twentieth Century Fox. What's left is copyright Tony Lin.)

Xenomorphs have a +1 general modifier, 1 kill, and a walking speed of 6". All Xenomorphs have a claw attack (hand-to-hand weapon, PI); the base kill is 4+. Xenomorphs may move through each other with no penalty, and up to two Xenomorphs may occupy a single square. Furthermore, Xenomorphs may move in pairs: if two Xenomorphs start the turn in the same square with the same facing, they may move as a single unit.

When a Xenomorph is killed, it sprays acid. Treat the acid as a seperate grenade attack; the "impact square" is the location of the Alien.

			DH	1	2	
General modifiers apply. If exactly the kill number or the kill number +1 is rolled, the acid "disrupts" (as per a disrupter grenade); when the disruption actually takes effect, one kill is inflicted. If the kill number +2 or higher is rolled, the figure is killed. Xenomorphs are unaffected by acid sprays. (If more than one Xenomorph is killed in a single square on the same turn, use the "firing sheaf" rules to determine how far the acid spray/fumes extend.)

DRONES are the basic Xenomorph and cost 30 UPV's each. A DRONE CONTROLLER is a Drone with one leadership and costs 60 UPV's.

	"drone brood":  14 drones + 2 drone controllers		540 UPV's
WARRIORS are Xenomorphs with one hero point and cost 40 UPV's. WARRIOR CONTROLLERS are Warriors with one leadership and cost 70 UPV's.

	"warrior brood":  10 warriors + 2 warrior controllers	540 UPV's
A QUEEN is a Xenomorph that has a move of 3, three kills, and a net -1 general modifier; she has a HTH attack of 2+ with a ROF of 2; she has two leadership. A Queen costs 153 UPV's.

Xenomorphs may not use leadership for initiative.

Optional rule: "radar blips"

Xenomorph reinforcements are easy to detect. When receiving Xenomorph reinforcements, the player places a "blip" next to the appropriate reinforcement square. The blip will arrive on the Xenomorph player's NEXT turn; furthermore, the blip MUST come on, even if it means walking straight into suppression fire. If the blip is empty, then remove the blip when activating it. (Use "bogey" counters to represent radar blips.) A blip contains up to 2 Xenomorphs -- when receiving a reinforcement, roll a d6; 1 means no Xenomorph (false alarm, but place the blip anyway; it won't be revealed as empty until next turn), 2-3 means 1 Xenomorph, 4-6 means 2 Xenomorphs.

If a blip comes into LOS of an opponent, the blip is revealed to be the appropriate number of Aliens. Furthermore, the Xenomorph player can "convert" his blip at any time to reveal the appropriate number of Aliens. (One advantage of keeping the Aliens as a blip is that it can fool the Marines as to the strength of the Alien force. Until it's too late...)