Aliens and Colonial Marines in Legions of Steel

4/22/96 Edition
Written by Tony H. Lin (
(standard disclaimer: Legions of Steel is copyright Global Games. Aliens is trademark Twentieth Century Fox. What's left is copyright Tony Lin.)

ALIENS in Legions of Steel

1.0 Basic Rules

1.1 Movement

Xenomorphs have a +1 general modifier, 1 kill, and a walking speed of 6"; Xenomorphs are sprint capable (move 3 times walking, no leadership allowed for movement, same as running except maneuvers cost 3). Xenomorphs may move through each other with no penalty, and up to two Xenomorphs may occupy a single square, if both have the same facing.

1.2 Weapons

All Xenomorphs have a grab-and-bite attack; this is a hand-to-hand weapon, ROF 2, that kills PI on a 4+.

1.3 Figures

Note: all Xenomorphs are morphologically identical, so that there is no way of distinguishing, for example, "Warriors" from "Sentients".

DRONES are basic Xenomorphs and cost 25 UPV's each.

WARRIORS are Xenomorphs with one hero point and cost 33 UPV's each.

SENTIENTS are the brood leaders of the Xenomorph Warriors; they have one hero point and one leadership. Sentients cost 45 UPV's each.

A WARRIOR BROOD consists of 5 Warriors and one Sentient and costs 210 UPV's. (Three broods cost 630 UPV's, or two more UPV's than one UNE Commando section.)

1.4 Special Rule: "Acid splash."

When a Xenomorph is killed, it sprays acid. (Exception: Xenomorphs killed with flamethrowers do not spray acid.) Treat the acid as a seperate grenade attack; the "impact square" is the location of the Xenomorph.
			DH	1       2	3
General modifiers apply, and two kill figures receive an additional -1 modifier. If exactly the kill number or the kill number +1 is rolled, the acid "disrupts" (as per a disruptor grenade); when the disruption actually takes effect, one kill is inflicted. If the kill number +2 or higher is rolled, the figure immediately receives one kill. Xenomorphs are unaffected by acid sprays.


2.1. "Hissing."

Xenomorphs locate prey by "hissing", during which they emit and detect pheromones. This process is done fairly quickly, but it does take time -- time during which a Marine can save himself by firing off a quick shot. As soon as a Xenomorph is activated, roll 1d6. On a 1, the Xenomorph loses all movement points and is immediately considered "FIRED"; it may still move using hero points or leadership.

(If using this rule, it is recommended that the Xenomorphs have a general modifier of 0 instead of +1.)

2.2. "Grabbing."

2.2.1. How "grabbing" occurs
Xenomorphs do not kill helpless victims. If any roll for a grab-and-bite attack on a one-kill figure is 8+, the Xenomorph has completely overpowered the victim, and the victim is considered to be "grabbed".

2.2.2. Effect of "grabs" on one-kill figures
"Grabbed" figures automatically receives a wound, as per wounding rules; this may result in the figure being killed (through no fault of the Xenomorph). If the victim survives the grab attack, then further special rules apply:

2.2.3. Rescuing "grabbed" victims
Shots fired at a Xenomorph that has "grabbed" a one-kill figure may hit the grabbed victim. When shooting the Xenomorph, both figures (the Xenomorph and the victim) are attacked; roll seperately. The shooter may use a hero point or leadership to add 1 to the attack dice against the Xenomorph; the shooter may also use an additional hero point or leadership to subtract 1 from the attack dice against the victim.

If the Xenomorph survives and the victim dies, the Xenomorph loses all movement points and is considered "FIRED"; it may resume moving and attacking normally next turn.

If the Xenomorph is killed and the figure survives, there is a chance of acid splash; note that the "grabbed" figure is attacked at 4+. (On the other hand, if there is a leader within line of sight of the grabbed victim, leadership MAY be used to move the figure before resolving acid effects.) If the figure survives, place it in the appropriate square; it loses all movement points and is considered "FIRED"; it may move and attack normally next turn.

3.0 New Figures: Psychers

3.1 Basic rules

PSYCHERS are Xenomorphs that psionic abilities. Psychers have a +1 general modifier, 1 kill, and a walking speed of 6"; Psychers are sprint capable. Psychers may move through other Xenomorphs with no penalty.

Psychers are weaker in HTH combat than their Warrior brethren; Psychers claw attacks are ROF 2 and kill power infantry on a 5+. Psychers do not have hero points or leadership, nor may leadership be assigned to them. Psychers each have one psionic attack; see below.

3.2 Psionic attacks

The intended victim(s) must be in the forward arc of the attacking Xenomoroph. Psionic attacks require concentration, so movement modifiers apply. Also, psionic abilities decrease with distance, so range modifiers apply. Finally, intervening figures can dampen or disrupt a psionic attack, so there is the usual penalty for firing through other figures. On the other hand, psionics are not a function of armor penetration, so LOS and general modifiers do not apply, and there is no penalty for "firing" through corners.

Psionic attacks may use spreadfire and may be made as a covering action; psionic attacks may never autofire, and only "Shock" and "Terror" psionic attacks may be used to suppress.

Targets affected by psionic attacks are more susceptible to psionic attacks, as per the EMP rules.

          ROF  PB+  PB   S   M   L   Notes
"Blast"	   1                15  30   adjacent figures are also attacked, at -1
"Shock"    2                 6  12
"Terror"   2             3   6   9   all figures in front arc are attacked
Control    1     1   2   3   4   5   treat "burnout" as "controlled"(*)
Rolling exactly the kill number means the target is "dazed", and rolling the kill number+1 means the figure is "stunned". In the case of "Blast", "Shock", and "Terror", rolling the kill number+2 or higher means the figure is catatonic (mental "burnout"). In the case of "Control", rolling the kill number+2 or higher means the figure will be under the mental control of a Xenomorph.

As soon as a victim is "controlled", it is immediately considered "FIRED" and immediately loses all hero points and leadership. At the beginning of the Xenomorph player's next turn, the victim may move and fire as a normal figure (but still does not have any heroism or leadership). Control lasts as long as the victim starts the turn within the controlling Xenomorph's line of sight. If, at the start of the Xenomorph player's turn, the controlled figure is not within line of sight of the controlling Xenomorph, the victim immediately becomes "stunned".

3.3 Figures

PSYCHERS cost 41 UPV's.

4.0 Xenomorph Queen

4.1 Basic Rules

The Xenomorph Queen has a -1 general modifier, 3 kills, and a walking speed of 3"; the Queen is sprint capabale.

The Queen has 2 fire actions: claws (HTH ROF 2, 2+), and a tail (HTH ROF 1, 2+, out to range 2)

The Queen has 2 leadership points.

4.2 Special Rules: regeneration

Each time the Queen receives a "kill", place a "one kill" marker next to the Queen, and immediately roll for acid splash. If the Queen has taken three or more kills, she immediately loses all movement points and her fire action. While down, she may still be subjected to further "kills".

During the initial phase, determine the status of the Queen as follows. For each "kill" the Queen has taken, roll 1d6. For each die that comes up "1" or "2", one kill is removed. If the Queen then starts the turn with three or more kills, remove her from the board -- her wounds have overwhelmed her. On the other hand, if the Queen starts the turn with three or fewer "kills", she may move and attack normally.

4.3 UPV value

The Queen is worth 550 UPV's (or so).

5.0 Reinforcements

5.1 Method There is an "Alien Reinforcements" Track, as follows:
	[0]  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]
Alien reinforcments start somewhere within the Track. At the beginning of the Alien player's turn, move all reinforcements down by one: Aliens in Box 6 get moved to Box 5, Aliens in Box 5 get moved to Box 4, etc. When Xenomorphs move from Box 2 to Box 1, place a Bogey counter next to a reinforcement point; this is where the Aliens will arive.

If the Alien reinforcement box is empty (i.e., the Alien(s) for that track have just deployed on-board), first roll to determine WHAT the reinforcements are; then roll to determine WHEN the reinforcements arrive, and place the reinforcements on the appropriate square along the track.

5.2 Possible Xenomorph Reinforcement Schedule

It is suggested that the Xenomorphs arrive in "swarms" of two or three; one possible reinforcement schedule is as follows:
	Roll 1d6:	1:  3 Warriors
			2:  2 Warriors + 1 Sentient
			3:  1 Warrior + 1 Sentient
			4:  2 Warriors	
			5:  2 Warriors
			6:  1 Warrior + 1 Psycher (or 2 Warriors)

	This works out to an average of 82 (or 81) UPV's per die roll.

5.3 Xenomorph Reinforcement Rate Multipliers

Depending on how often Xenomorphs arrive, the UPV value of the reinforcements may be decreased -- after all, troops arriving late are worth less than troops arriving on time. The left column tells where to place reinforcements along the Reinforcement Trace (see 5.1); the right column tells the appropriate multiplier.
		1d6		0.41
		1d6+1		0.27
		min(2d6) 	0.55
		min(2d6+1)	0.33
If using the optional "hissing" rule (and if the general modifier is left at +1 instead of 0), multiply the UPV value of the Xenomorphs by 2/3.

COLONIAL MARINES in Legions of Steel:

1.0 Basic Rules

1.1 Movement

All Colonial Marines walk 4, have 1 kill, and a +2 general modifier.

1.2 Weapons

WEAPON                 Type    ROF   S   M   L   X   CC   Ammo

Pistol                  DF      2    -   -  10  20    0    5o
M41A Pulse Rifle	DF	1   15  25  35  45   -1   10o
Grenade Launcher*              			     -1    5o  
   M40 Frag            AOE      6    -   -  15  30
   Hexachlorine Smoke  AOE      1    -   -  15  30  
   HEAP                 DF	1    -   -   -  30  

M240 Flamethrower**     DF      2    3   5  10  15    0   10h  

M56 Smartgun w/ITS***   DF      2    -  30  45  60   -3   20e   

1.3 Figures

Pulse Rifle Marine:  pulse rifle w/ 5 grenades, pistol		24 UPV's
Flamethrower Marine:  flamethrower, pistol			24 UPV's
Smartgun Marine:  smartgun, pistol				47 UPV's
Colonial Marine Corporal:  pulse rifle etc., 1 leader.          41 UPV's
Colonial Marine Sergeant:  pulse rifle etc., 1 leader., 1 hero  68 UPV's

1.4 Units A "Standard" Colonial Marine squad has 8 figures: 2 pulse rifle Marines, 2 flamethrower marines, 2 smartgun Marines, 1 Sergeant, and 1 Corporal. A standard squad costs 299 UPV's. A platoon of two squads and one Lieutenant (armed with a pistol, rulebook, and one command point) costs 627 UPV's, only one point less than one Commando section.

2.0 Optional Rules

2.1 Welding Doors

Marines carry portable welding torches that may be used to seal doors. It takes a fire action to weld a door shut. The welding figure must be adjacent to, or 1" away and facing, the door being welded. Each fire action spent on the door decreases a door's general modifier by 1. Up to a total of two fire actions may be spent on any one door. (Thus, an ordinary door could have a -3 general modifier.)

2.2 Flamethrower misfire.

Whenever a flamethrower Marine is killed, there is the chance of accidental misfire (e.g., Dietrich burned Frost, Drake lit up the Marines' APC). Roll 1d6 to determine the direction of misfire; 1 means "North", 2 means "East", 3 means "South", 4 means "West", 5 means "Rupture", and 6 means "No effect." On a 1-4, all figures within 5" and in the appropriate fire arc are attacked:
	                   Type  ROF   S   M   L   X 
	M240 misfire        DF    1    -   -   3   5 
On a roll of a 5, the fuel tank explodes as per a K-pulse grenade:
	                   Type  ROF   S   M   L   X 
	M240 fuel rupture   DF    1   DH   1   2   3 

2.3 Limited Ammo

The Marines have "limited ammo" as per the basic rules: Marines can not suppress without risking running out of ammunition. At the start of the turn after a Marine suppresses, roll 1d6 and cross-reference the weapon type on the table below; rolling the indicated number or higher means the weapon is out of ammo:
			pistol		2+
			pulse rifle	4+
			flamethrower	5+
			smartgun	5+
If a weapon is out of ammo, no further fire actions may be made with that weapon. It takes a stationary fire action to reload a weapon; normally only pulse rifles can be reloaded. (For a smartgunner, it takes a fire action to switch weapons; for other marines, a backup weapon -- usually a pistol -- may be switched to at no penalty.)