Rules for COLONIAL MARINES in Legions of Steel

written by Tony H. Lin (
(standard disclaimer: Legions of Steel is copyright Global Games. Aliens is trademark Twentieth Century Fox. What's left is copyright Tony Lin)

All Colonial Marines walk 4, have 1 kill, and a +2 general modifier. Colonial Marines use the equivalents of Fantasian weapons: a pulse rifle is a PPSH, a flamethrower is a SS2000, a smartgun is an RPK. Marine grenades are weak versions of K-pulse grenades with a -1 general modifier. Finally, the standard marine sidearm is a pistol, which is a ROF 1 UNE flechette pistol.

Pulse Rifle Marine:  pulse rifle, 2 grenades, pistol		38 UPV's
Flamethrower Marine:  flamethrower				40 UPV's
Smartgun Marine:  smartgun					41 UPV's
Colonial Marine Corporal:  pulse rifle Marine + 1 leadership	68 UPV's
Colonial Marine Sergeant:  pulse rifle, 1 leadership, 1 hero	93 UPV's
Now, a "Standard" Colonial Marine Squad is
	2 Pulse Rifle Marines		76 UPV's
	3 Flamethrower Marines	       120 UPV's
	2 Smartgun Marines	        82 UPV's
        1 Sargeant                      93 UPV's
        1 Corporal                      68 UPV's
	1 Drop ship pilot with flame.   40 UPV's
	1 Drop ship pilot with p. rifle 38 UPV's
                                       517 UPV's
The corporal can have also have a shotgun as a close defense weapon for an extra 25 UPV's; assume the ranges are the same as a close defense plasma. Or, the Corporal can be given one hero point, also for 25 UPV's. Either of these changes brings the total cost of a squad up to 542 UPV's.

Option rule: Ammo rules.

The Marines were always running out of ammo at the worst possible moment. Our rules simulate the same tension. Whenever a Marine takes a normal shot, roll 1d6; whenever a Marine autofires, roll 2d6; whenever a Marine sets up suppression fire, roll 1d6. A "6" means the Marine has "low ammo"; a second "low ammo" result means the Marine "runs out of ammo". Place markers by Marines with low ammo; place other markers by Marines who have run out of ammo. A shot taken as a weapon runs out of ammo is taken at a -1 to hit; furthermore, no shots are allowed from that weapon until it is reloaded. It takes a fire action to reload; reloading may be done even if the weapon has not run out of ammo. (The Marine can also use his or her sidearm, if available.) Note that it is possible for a Marine to run out of ammo on a single autofire shot. If the Marine runs out of Ammo while suppressing, the suppression is not set up.

While suppressing, an additional ammo roll must be made for each enemy figure entering the suppression zone, up to three rolls; if three rolls are successfully made, no more ammo rolls are taken (although any entering figure is of course still attacked). If the ammo roll indicates "out of ammo" while suppressing an enemy target, then the final shot is taken at -1 to hit, and the suppression ends. At the beginning of the Marine player's turn, before removing the suppression counters, make 3-(# of enemies attacked) ammo rolls ... so if no enemies were attacked, roll 3d6; if two enemies were attacked, make only one additional roll. As before, a die coming up "6" means the Marine either has low ammo or has run out of ammo.