Turtle Mercenaries

Article written by Steve Gibson (sgibson260@aol.com). All rights reserved.

Speaking of silly stuff, here are my Legions of Steel conversions of the 'Turtle Mercenary' figures from the Critter Commandos game. The figures are plastic, made by Fortress figures, and come approx. 20 to a $10.00 bag. They come in two shotgun poses (basically mirror-imaged) which are very mean-looking, one sergeant (silly), and a Powered armor robot (very silly).

I used Tony Lin's UPV formulas, and kept to LOS weapons to make them more accurate.

Turtle Trooper
-1 GM 3 Walk Carries a UNE blaster, and a UNE forcewall grenade. They cost 62 UPV's each.
Turtle Corporal
-1 GM 3 Walk Carries a UNE blaster, and a UNE forcewall grenade. 1 Command Point. Costs 82 UPV's.
Turtle Sergeant
-1 GM 3 Walk Carries a UNE blaster, a UNE forcewall grenade, and a power sword (HTH wpn, ROF 1, 3+ to kill). He has 2 command points, and costs 117 UPV's.
Turtle Heavy Weapons Platform
Sorry, I haven't made up stats for him yet. To be truthful, the figure is a bit too silly for me. At least until I give him a good paint job.
A UNE commando equivalent squad of Turtles costs 633 points, and consists of 1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal, and 7 Turtle troopers.

I have used these stats in several of the published games, and have found them to have difficulty in race-type scenarios. In defense or objective-oriented scenarios, they do well. Tactically, they need to use all of their leadership to help their movement, but they hold up well in combat. I had considered giving them more powerful K-Pulse grenades, but they really need the FW grenades more to help them channel attackers. They tend to rely on suppression quite a bit, and they are more resistant against snap fire and displaced-thrown grenades due to their toughness.

I hope you enjoyed these conversions. I also use my 20 Space Hulk genestealers as GM +1, Walk 6, HTH attackk of ROF2 with a 3+ to kill, and 27 UPV's each. Nasty!

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