Bat Winged Bimbos From Hell

Bat-winged Bimbos from Hell (and for that matter, Nuns with guns) are elements of BTRC's classic exploitation game, "Macho Women with Guns." About the time I started expanding the Nuns squad into a platoon, I decided I needed a real enemy for them. Demons seemed like a great choice, so I spent some time scouring company catalogues for suitable miniatures. The final group was a mixture of GZG, Reaper, and Ral Partha figures.

As I recall, my then girlfriend Missy gave me a lot of shit about these figures.

The two GZG figures, from the Hell's Belles lines. probably my least favorite in this bunch. I did like the posable tails and discrete horns, but I wanted wings, damnit, wings!

The blonde has a nose chain and some of her hair is dyed purple.

A collection of Ral Partha harpies, suitable enhanced. I love their wings - easy to paint and great to look at, my favorite combination - though the poses and general pg-13 rating is rather lame. The center one's clothes were supposed to be translucent, but as usual I couldn't quite get the effect I wanted. The leftt one's guns were stolen from 20mm Heavy gear infantry rifles, but they look okay nonetheless. I had planned to give all three of them weapons, but wasn't willing to go through the effort in the end.

Missy gave me the most shit about these three, since they have the largest and most obvious boobs.

The one is supposed to be wearing a catsuit, but I got impatient and the effect didn't come out right. The wings don't look quite as good either, though the eyes and hair are quite fine. The gun was stolen from a global games' Legions of Steel figure that Cecilia left me when she moved out.

The whole lot of bat-winged bimbos. Nothing really to say here, other than I like how the red wash over the skins turned out.

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