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I paint miniatures for relaxation and fun. Sometimes - rarely, but sometimes - I take pictures of them. These pages are galleries of those pictures. They may take a while to load.

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Nuns with gunsNuns with guns
winged bimbos with gunsSuccubi with guns
Heavy Gears and Sci-Fi ArmorDp9's Heavy Gears
WarClan War and japanese Fantasy
fiction infantryScience fiction infantry
gear KriegGear Krieg and World World 2
Gangers, terrorists, and copsGangsters, terrorists, and cops
Everything ElseFantasy and medieval humans, elves, dwarves, and the like
Fantasy MonstersOgres, giants, pegasus, and other mythical monsters
Dragons Big scaly reptiles. Warning! These are very large images.
Pirates Pirates of Spanish Main. Swashbucklers and people in funny clothes with pistols and swords.
1920s Criminals, cops, and innocent bystanders from the 1920s and 30s.
heroesSuper heroes and villains.
Everything ElseRandom science fiction and other weirdness

Comments on my technique

I started painting miniatures when I was eight or nine, but I wasn't very good and I won't own up to any surviving miniatures from that time. I quit after a few years, and didn't pick it up again until I was about 16 or 17. I've been painting more or less steadily since then, though six months gaps are not uncommon.

My first paints were Testor's oil-based Model Masters, using big, fat, synthetic brushes. As I got older, I bought better brushes (mostly white sable 10/0 and 5/0) but I didn't switch away from oil until the turn of the century. My current paint set is a mix of Reaper, polly S, Testor water-based, and anything else that catches my fancy and fills a gap in my palette. I mostly own blacks, grays, browns, and flesh-colored hues, though I do have a suprisingly large number of purple shades.

When I started, I would use a lot of stains on the major areas of the figure, followed by solid painting of details and some drybrushing. I couldn't do good washes with oils and didn't bother. These days, I rarely stain and frequently wash, since washes are easier with water-based paints. I also work from the inside of the figure out, usually started with skin tones and then the clothes. That can vary, though.

Aesthetically, I'm not fond of super-detailed figures, especially ones painted to the Games Workshop "Golden Demon" standard. They look great up close but odd on the table. I favor figures that look "right" when held at arm's length. The fact that they're easier to paint is just a bonus.

Also as a matter of philosophy, I don't hold with spending hours and hours on a single figure. I have armies of figures to paint, and I want them painted. I usually prime and paint 8-16 figures at a time, and have been known to paint an entire set in an afternoon and evening.

I bought myself a technical pen in 2001. I should have bought it years earlier. It's a great tool for doing eyes or other tricky bits of the figure, faster and more precisely than I can with brushes. I still make mistakes with it sometime, and I need to go back and clean up a lot of old figures.

Currently on the work table

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Upcoming projects

You can email me at I paint for hire at my normal contractor's rates: $60/hour, plus overtime. I don't expect anyone to hire me, but...

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