Mike McCants' BWGS PPAS Page

PPAS Considerations

PPAS Considerations by Bram Dorreman (Jul. 28, 2008)

The PPAS Catalog

PPAS 2012-02: ppas-2012-02.zip (Mar. 4, 2012)
This set of files contains all observations up to Feb. 29, 2012.
The file pnas2012-02.obs contains observations of steady or flaring objects.

The current PPAS program file

This program file contains a list of the objects of interest. (Dec. 1, 2009)

The PPAS Online Data Analysis Program (SatFlash)

NOTE: The web page at kunstmanen.vvs.be cannot be accessed as of Sept. 2012.
So SatFlash is not available.

Description of the PPAS Format

Flash period measurements reference page
PPAS format

The BWGS DOS data input program to create properly formatted observations: ppasinp.zip

See also the information at satobs.org

The URLs for the BWGS Home Page

NOTE: The BWGS Home Page (in Dutch) at kunstmanen.vvs.be cannot be accessed as of Sept. 2012.
There is a web page at http://www.vvs.be/werkgroepen/werkgroep-kunstmanen, but that web page does not contain any information about the PPAS program.
The BWGS Old Home Page But it has not been updated in many years.