RCS Data and Links to Catalogs

Median RCS values file

This file contains "median" RCS values from SSRs over the last several years for 15700+ objects that are currently in orbit. The third column of data is the number of "independent" RCS values found. (Sept. 5, 2014) rcs.zip
Since Spacecom no longer supplies RCS values, this file will not be updated.

"Switched objects" list

When I notice that the names or tles for two objects have been switched, I will add a comment to this page. (May 7, 2010)

The description of the IOD format

IOD Format

The Spacecom Satellite Situation Report

The Spacecom Satellite Situation Report is available from space-track.org.

Jonathan McDowell's Catalog

Jonathan McDowell has a satellite catalog on his Space Report Home Page
The link to his catalog is called "Satellite Catalog". His current version was updated in May, 2010.

His catalog contains entries in the form (but with more information):

NCAT  Designation    Name                   Launch      Status           Reentry date
00001 57 Alpha 1     8K71A M1-10            1957 Oct  4 Reentered        1957 Dec  1
00002 57 Alpha 2     1-y ISZ                1957 Oct  4 Reentered        1958 Jan  4
00003 57 Beta 1      2-y ISZ/8K71A M1-11    1957 Nov  3 Reentered        1958 Apr 14
00004 58 Alpha       Explorer 1/RTV Motor   1958 Feb  1 Reentered        1970 Mar 31
00005 58 Beta 2      Vanguard I             1958 Mar 17 In Earth orbit

Leo Barhorst's RAE Catalog

Leo Barhorst has a copy of the RAE catalog as a number of "doc" files. It is on his Home Page