Screenplay by Marcus van Bavel

Kyle and Abby are separated. Both high-powered accountants, and both
suddenly unemployed, they apply for the same job at a giant government
agency. Their task: to track down a renegade IRS superagent, the
mysterious and omnipotent "Jane Doe".

The completed screenplay for THE ODDITORS was approved by the
Harvard Lampoon for licensing of the "National Lampoon" name. The film
was going to be produced in Canada by Greenlight Film and Television,
and J2 Communications (Nasdaq: JTWO), but as of 10-Feb-98 the deal
was off.


The latest news, however-- Greenlight Films, which has an option on
the script, is preparing the project for Fox Television as a
"National Lampoon" made-for-TV movie... so stay tuned...