REDBOY 13 (1997) - D. Marcus van Bavel, with Robert Logan and Devon Roy-Brown; 93 min, color, 35mm (Cinemascope), Ultra-Stereo.
"Unlike anything you've seen... a minor masterpiece of the
surreal... bizarre, absurd, a loving tribute to the Cold War...
it's not a cult movie yet, but that's only a matter of time!"
-- Marc Savlov,The Austin Chronicle (click here to read review)

A young boy is trained by the U.S. Government to assassinate foreign dictators. Retired at the age of 13, he is brought back to perform one final mission: to eliminate the power-mad, Neo-Nazi scientist Dr. Heimlich Manure.

Shot in the classic CinemaScope process, this satirical adventure stars Robert Logan (ADVENTURES OF THE WILDERNESS FAMILY) as Redboy's mentor: the slightly crazed Colonel "Dirty" Larry Calcan, CYA.

Redboy was filmed on location, and in the studios of Dominion Pictures, in Austin, Texas.



Austin, Texas:

Dobie Theatre, played 11/6/98 - 11/25/98

Independent's Night

Lincoln Center, New York, July 10th, 1997 at the Walter Reade Theater

South by Southwest

The world premiere was on March 7th, 1997 at the Paramount theatre.

Other screening dates were: March 10th and 14th.

Here is a link to the South by Southwest Film Festival.

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