Warning: contains 2,4-Tetravinylpolypropylisoketohexamethylethylethertrichloroflorooxycarbohydrodichromium Salt Spotty! Hard to port! Fire Phizzers! Fire! Fire!
16mm color, 83 min., 1987.

A blow-out of special effects and satire featuring "Star Drek",
"Ze Undersea World of Jacques Clouseau", "Mostly Cosmos"
and "Mild Kingdom"

Selected by the Florence Film Festival (1987) and the Hof Film
Festival (Germany, 1987) and featured in "America's Funniest People" (May 1992).

"A homemade, often hilarious send-up in the style of Monty Python... special effects of suprisingly high caliber... van Bavel is a comedian worth discovering!" -- VARIETY (Jan 21, 1988)

Warning: contains profanity, nudity and graphic violence, not suitable for children! Available direct sales only. We have them in stock! For a VHS copy send check for $29.00 (shipping Priority Mail included, USA only) to this address:

Marcus van Bavel 2317 Spring Wagon Ln Austin, TX 78728

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