A Crappie Pole 20 Meter Dipole

I've had good luck with endfed antennas on 20, 30 and 40 meters. Depending on available trees/supports I can arange my antenna as an inverted vee, a sloper or a horizontal 1/2 wave. 67' and 45' lengths of wire pack well into my QRP bag. The problem is that I always need a tree. I recall a few times I've had to make due with a large bush. I needed something that is self supporting.

My 20 meter self supporting antenna is built around two 16.5' collapsable fiberglass crappie poles. Cabela's has them for $9.99 each (Model CCt-165, Item number:IA - 115799). It is a "V" dipole, each leg 17' long from near the tip of each crappie pole to the center support. Other details are seen in the photos.

I used an aligator clip to hold the ends to the tip of each crappie pole. If I had been a good Boy Scout I'd probably know some sort of slip knot and just use pieces of nylon twine. To increase the height I have the crappie poles on 4' lengths of 3/4" PVC pipe. With a little sanding the handle ends of the poles will fit over the PVC pipe. The center of the antenna is supported by a third piece of 3/4" PVC. The center tie plate is a piece of 14 guage aluminum that I had in the basement.

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