Thursday, July 26, 2007


On Tuesday, July 24 we met a guide for a walking tour. The first part was orienting us on how to use the Metro, Moscow's subway system. We then walked by the Kremlin, into Red Square, and on to some of the theaters, monuments, and historical buildings in the central area.

When that was finished about noon, Ruth and I were on our own. We went back to Red Square and went into the GUM department store(actually more of a shopping mall)for ice cream. We walked along Red Square and toured St. Basil's Church. We spent an hour trying to find where we could get a boat ride on the Moscow River before giving up. We considered it time to people watch and just get more of a feel for the city. We returned to the Metro stop taking time to enjoy the gardens along the way. We successfully navigated the Metro back to our hotel.

On Wednesday we braved the rain to take in the Kremlin tour. We rented the audio tour and saw many beautiful icons in the various churches within the Kremlin.

We then took the boat ride on the Moscow River. We had found out from Carol and Derek where to catch the boat. This was not a tour but is part of the public transportation system, rather like a water bus. While it was windy, overcast, and cool it still was very nice and relaxing too. We went past the Kremlin, parks, and passed under many bridges. We rode it to the end of the line and then got on the Metro. We went to several different Metro stops to see the artwork in some of the stations. Ruth and I can really naviagate the system including changing lines. It really is a people mover. Trains come every 1-3 minutes.

Wednesday evening we took the overnight train to St. Petersburg. There was confusion about the train tickets but by careful comparison and deduction we got it all figured out. Carol and Derek and the two of us made it to St. Petersburg this morning at 6 am.

Ruth and I found the people of Moscow to be rather serious. However, people who have been in Moscow in the 80's or 90's, tell us there is more smiling, laughing, etc. than before. We noticed how much people read. People on the Metro, in cafes, and anytime they are not walking down the street seem to be reading a book, newspaper, or magazine.

Our trip will soon be over. However, I still hope to post about our stay in St. Petersburg and our short stay in Warsaw.

Fascinating. Tell us more. Byrna
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