Monday, July 30, 2007


I am writing this from Jim's apartment in Milwaukee so Ruth and I will try and add some pictures after I do the writing.

Our 2 hour flight from St. Petersburg was smooth and we arrived in Warsaw about 3:30 pm. We took the city bus from the airport into Old Town where the the hostel was located. We felt pretty proud that we could figure out the stops and saved a lot over paying for a cab. Unfortunately, it was raining when we got off the bus so by the time we reached the hostel we were quite wet. We had packed our umbrellas in our suitcases which had been checked through to Chicago. We ate supper from our supplies while we dried out.

About 7:00 we were dry and the rain had stopped so we went out exploring. The Old Town area was destroyed during WWII and was rebuilt after reproductions dating from the 18th century. It was charming with its cobblestone like streets and many flowers. It is a popular place and many people were walking the streets listening to music and eating ice cream.

In our wandering we saw four more bridal groups. Two were taking pictures and we saw two others at the church for the actual wedding. These groups did not have the beautiful weather that those in St. Petersburg had but they all looked very happy anyway! We returned to the hostel as it was getting dark(much earlier) and went to bed by 9:30.

Sunday morning, we walked around more, spent down our Polish money on souvenirs, and returned to the airport by bus. Security was tighter since we were headed to the USA and we had to toss a couple of items.

Our flight was 10 hours but we were fed twice and we saw a couple of movies so it wasn't too bad. We arrived in Chicago and caught a regional shuttle bus to Milwaukee. Jim picked us up and took us out to eat before going to his apartment. It was fun to show him pictures and tell stories so we managed to stay up until 11;00. I had been awake almost 24 hours but it is a good way to get over jet lag quickly!

Ruth and I have been repacking and doing laundry this morning as we will be splitting company later today. I will be leaving on Amtrak late this afternoon. Ruth will stay another day and then go to a missionary conference in Kenosha, WI tomorrow.

I will plan to do one more posting tomorrow after I am back in Rochester.

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