W0VLZ - Feb 2005 Classic Exchange

This was my first time I've participated in the Classic Exchange. It was a great chance for me to exercise the rigs. I usually operate the AWA OT CW contest but there I end up using only one rig and certainly not anything post WWII. If my understanding is correct, my score was 88,450.

Right now I've seven vintage stations in the shack. In this CX I used three of them: Central Electronics 20A/Drake 2B, HRO Sr/National NTX-30 and Drake R4B/T4XB. Next on my list was my Thordarson 100/NC101X station but, by the time I got to it, it sounded like everyone on 40 had gone to bed.

I was glad I had taken the time to grind a crystal to put my 20A on 80 CW. Without that crystal I wouldn't have been able to qualify that station for the CX multiplier. I did flatten a 6L6 in my NTX-30 though. While keying the final, the oscillator plate current crept up until it died.

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