W0VLZ / KC5THT Introduction

Behind the Scenes at Radio Bay

Niel, W0VLZ, and Jimmy, KC5THT, tracking down information on yet another radio to include in Radio Bay. Their boat anchor library includes ARRL, CQ and 73 Radio publications from 1924 through 1969, National Catalogs/flyers/brochures and many books about boat anchors.

Niel and Jimmy in the family basement/radio museum/ham shack setting up a radio for photographing. This multi-purpose area has been nicknamed Australia because it is "down under". Other nominations included "Bali Hai" because it is always calling and the Bermuda Triangle because so much disappears down there.

A 35mm SLR camera with a 50mm lens and bounce, rather than direct, flash has worked out best for the pictures. The camera is set on f16 and the flash adjusted to match. A green background was chosen for color contast without fooling the camera/flash light meter. It also happened to be the color Walmart had in stock the day Niel went looking.

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