K4VG in 1973

On October 21, 1972, I was rehired by Ampex Video File Systems as a Service Contract Engineer for the system at FHA, Washington, D.C. See W9LS in 1974.

I applied for a modification of my license while living at 654 North Ripley St., Alexandria, VA. My stepson WA5VLZ, while visiting us on Christmas vacation from the University of Texas A & M, helped me put up a 15 meter dipole in the attic of our condo.

Well, I never got on the air with my Drake TR-3, as I was transferred to the Video File System at IBI in Joliet, IL on Jan. 10, 1973. My K4VG license dated Jan. 23, 1973, did not come until after I had moved to Joliet, IL. At Joliet, I used K4VG/9 until I received my W9LS call dated April 3, 1973.

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