K5CF in 1999

My wife Barbara and I are living in Poteau, OK. We built this home and have been living here since Sept. 1989.

My amateur radio equipment consists of a Kenwood TS430s, power supply and antenna tuner, a Yeasu FT-221R 2 meter all mode transceiver, Kenwood TR-2500 2 meter HT. My boat anchor equipment is a National NC-200, a Johnson Ranger II, Heathkit monitor scope and a 1940 Thordarson transmitter running 100 watts on CW/AM.

My antenna systems are: a Mor-Gain Multiband dipole, a 3 element 10 meter beam, a 3 element 2 meter beam and a 2 meter Ringo Ranger II.

My computer systems are: IBM Aptiva, Plustek Scanner, HP Deskjet 520 printer; a C-64 with a Kantronics interface that I use for CW and RTTY; a C-64C that I use for Satellite tracking, Packet and other programs.

I maintain weekly skeds with WA5VLZ on 20 meter USB and on 30 meter CW. I spend most of my time on the Internet. k5cf@clnk.com

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