Vance passed away on July 23, 2012.

Vance was first licensed as W5GST, Yorktown, TX issued Oct. 12, 1937 and, along with W5GST and K5CF, held W6ZZL, W4VG, W8OV and W9LS during his ham career. He was in radio and electronics all his life. First as broadcast Engineer at KTEM, Temple, TX and KNOW Austin, TX and then as a Flight Radio Officer with Pan American Airways during WWII and afterward, 1941-1949. In addition he was an Electronic Tech with EIMAC, a TV Engineer at KRON-TV in San Francisco and a Field Service Engineer with Ampex Corporation. Vance retired in 1976. His son is N5NEX and his stepson is W0VLZ.

Vance's first (legal) QSO was on Nov 25, 1937 with W5FFG, Marvin, on 1975KC. Vance logged five QSOs that first evening on the air. He filled 20 logbooks over the next 71 years. His last logged QSO was on August 26, 2008 on 10.118 MHz. By then nerve damage in his right hand made it hard it handle a key and hearing problems kept him from having a good phone QSO. Vance, though, was always a techie. When he could no longer communicate with friends and family via ham radio he switched to the web and email. When he died he had recently moved to a nursing home and was in the process of getting back in touch via email from a bedside laptop.

tnx fer the QSOs. cul Vance, 73 and 88 de W0VLZ   ..._._   ..

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