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Boeing 307 Stratoliner

These pictures are from a brochure handed out at the 6/23/2001 rollout of the Clipper Flying Cloud.


In flight

Pan American Stratoliner Fleet

B-307 Cockpit

B-307 Comfort

B-307 ready to go

This one is from Claude Hudspeth.

Pilot and Flight Radio Officer on Duty

This one is from Boeing Image Gallery.

Copilot and Flight Engineer on Duty

Pan Am 903 Waiting

Grounded 1

Grounded 2

Pan Am 903 Reborn

Read about the June 2001 rollout of the Clipper Flying Cloud here.

Rollout 1

Rollout 2

Rollout 3

Rollout 4

Tour the restored Pan Am Clipper Flying Cloud

Some more pictures of Clipper Flying Cloud

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